Friday, January 24, 2014

Back to work

Well, I suppose holidays are not meant to last, or they wouldn't be holidays, would they? 
I've been back at work for the last couple of weeks, and so busy that until now, I haven't had time to blog the final wrap-up of the holiday projects...
It's made from scraps of my favourite fabrics by Australian designers.  I'm lucky to know and love a lot of these gals in real life, so it's an extra buzz when I use their fabrics.  If you look closely, you'll see treasures by Pippijoe, Kristen Doran, Curlypops, Ink&Spindle, Veritas, Surface Art, Saffron Craig, Yardage, Auntie Cookie et al.
It's a snuggle quilt for the couch - not a single-sided bed quilt - so I tried to make the back a bit interesting as well.... without putting too much work into it.  This took a few hours, in stark contrast to the months spent working on the front.
I finished it on New Year's eve .... and celebrated with fireworks over the city of Melbourne. 
(Ok, so maybe someone else put on the fireworks.  I drank fancy champagne with friends on a hill just outside the city, watching fireworks and cheering in the new year.)
The ongoing saga of the couch overhaul has become.... well... an ongoing saga.  In all my re-upholstery projects, I have never seen so many staples (somebody had an awful lot of fun with a staple gun!).  The cushion covering bit was a breeze and the removal of the old coverings has become a zen practice, that I come back to from time to time. 
 ...and in the meantime, the lounge room looks like an upholstery workshop.  I don't have much time for The Zen of Staple Removal during the average working week.  It's slow-going.

We have been harvesting a lot of home-grown vegetables and herbs over the last few weeks, and looking forward to a lot more.
The satisfaction of sitting down to a home-grown meal never seems to wear off, and it's even nicer when it's a picnic. We plan to make time for more picnics during the working week... we picnic close to the back door.
I'm  not complaining about being back at work.  Last week, despite whining incessantly about the ridiculously long heatwave we had in Melbourne (temps in the low-to-mid 40's - that's hovering around 110 for you Americans - and me without air conditioning), I really enjoyed a 3-day bag-making masterclass at Kimono House.
You can read Kylie's post about her experience here.  And if you think you'd like to do a 2-day workshop, you can book in here.

The class schedule is booking up.  I have dates booked for Canberra, Healesville, CAE (Melb city), and of course, Kimono House.  I'm also running my own Zippers For Bags class in Brunswick, which you can book into here.  There is also Grampians Texture, which I'm super-excited about.... can you imagine a whole week of textile indulgence?  Heaven!  I'm teaching a 2-day Bag-Making workshop and a 4-day Pattern-Free Garment workshop. 

The next few weeks will see me writing lots of class plans and doing lots of sewing of step-by-step examples of technical processes.  I will also be throwing great swathes of fabric about the place and whipping up a new pattern-free wardrobe for myself and a few friends. ... and occasionally removing a few more inches of staples from the couch.


A Peppermint Penguin said...

that quilt is gorgeous and so very you.

staples - argh!

lucky people at your classes as ever.

back to work you say. I suppose I should go do some, I'm pretending to wait for the postie.

Annie said...

Good to see your post...quilt "Fabulous, Wonderful and Great" Love ya work!!

Lola Nova said...

What a full up post! So much goodness! The quilt is wonderful, happy snuggling. I am a bit jealous of your veg. I agree with you about home grown, the good feeling never gets old. I'm looking forward to planting in a couple of months and picnic weather!

meli B said...

Love the front, love the back. Awesome, original designs. I hope you get many happy hours snuggling up under it, but not just yet - more hot weather is headed our way. As for your home grown veggies, well done, I don't know how you did it. I failed at my single attempt to grow mint. The bugs are eating it faster that I can grow it.

Katy Cameron said...

Heh, not often a bag turns into a quilt! Love it though :o) Totally jealous of the fresh veggies, and the classes!

Bronwyn said...

Fantastic Quilt Nikki! I love both sides and it will be a treasured cuddle quilt (as all quilts should be) :) I can see it fitting in with your home for many loving times to come.

I'm very jealous of your veggies too - ours are so shrivelled and just not growing!

MiniOwner said...

Wow wow wow your quilt is stunning!
Sue x

Fer said...

I remember your first ever quilting attempt and was worried it would put you off for life! So glad you found your own quilting style, you do it so well.