Sunday, January 5, 2014

Summer A-Line Skirts for a Bestie.

Recently, when I was trying to think of a way to return a favour to my friend Lisa, it occurred to me that she is my size, wears skirts and she doesn't sew.  I had the perfect gift idea....
Even for me, my A-Line Skirt pattern is the pattern that keeps on giving. I've lost count of how many skirts I've made with it, and it's my all-time best-selling product.
It took about an hour to whip up a new work skirt (for her fab new job) in linen with a Japanese print.  Lisa is a Melbourne gal, so a trans-seasonal black skirt with a flash of red will never go unworn.  We like our clothes like that, it seems.
Besides being a high-achieving powerhouse in her working life, at home, Lisa is the queen of casual gourmet lunches and barbeques, a passionate urban farmer, mother and dog-owner (..and an expert pourer of wine on the back decking).   Casual summer skirts are the go here (knee-length, methinks).

Oh how our lives have changed over the 30-odd years that Lisa and I have been friends!  From high school, through crazy university days, travel, baby-raising and school-kid wrangling....  Nightclubs and loud bands have made way for weekends of coffee dates, kids' activities and craft/farmers-market browsing (...ahem... and laundry and supermarket shopping). 
Our grunge fashion made way for stylish-urban-chick, and now our weekend wear is all about flattering styles and comfort, with a nod in the direction of individuality.  We like a well-cut garment and a good fabric (and the blue in this print, I thought, popped like the brilliant blue of Lisa's eyes).

It was awfully handy to be able to try things on to see how the length would look on someone Lisa's size.  (And it's a shame I wore that scrappy slobbing-about-the-house singlet top when I took the photos....).

If you're looking for a copy of my skirt pattern, you can find your nearest (or favourite online) YOU SEW GIRL stockist here.  If you're in or around the USA, you can buy the pattern through Pink Chalk Fabrics


Katy Cameron said...

Ooh, good thinking on returning the favour, I love that black/Japanese combo one!

Amy Wyhoon said...

Love the fabrics you've used. I think I might make some autumn skirts post baby using this pattern.

Fer said...

Lucky Lisa! Your fabric choice is perfect too.

Karen said...

Very thoughtful gifts Nikki - she will be sorted for this super-hot week coming up.

Capture His Heart said...

I love that printed skirt on the first pic.