Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Headless in a Pattern-Free World

I've been whipping up a pattern-free garment storm, in preparation for my 4-day workshop at Grampians Texture in a few weeks.
I've also been Photoshopping my head out of a bazillion photos for student notes, which is strangely liberating ("Tired, middle-aged face, begone!!"). 
My week has been a world of ideas and experiments ..and of making myself a few new outfits.
I've also been working through ideas for shapes other than my own.  The whole notion of Pattern-Free is that you work around your own particular shape, and the more you do it, the better you get at judging what will and won't work (and you start to be able to eye-ball measurements on fabric that will fit your body's proportions).
The difference in proportion between this top (below) and the first photo in this post, is the difference between it flattering my shape and being a bit ordinary. 
The longer, tummy-covering drape would look a treat on some figures. Perhaps it's the posture here (it sort of freaks me out when I see family resemblance in a headless photo), but I can see this one on my eldest sister. She has about 7'' more height and a bust.
And I think that a bust wouldn't go astray in this twisted tube dress, too. Perhaps some hips... and maybe even a waist as well.
I've come to the conclusion that I'm a straight-tube sort of gal.  Minimalist....
...with a bit of a twist.
There are some shapes that would look fabulously fluid and flattering on anyone except people under 5'2'' with swimmer's shoulders and no bust. 
But Pattern-Free, being all about adapting shapes to suit the body, offers solutions...
Yup.  Minimalist and much better.
This week, I may  have also made my new favourite top.

..and dress. (Once again, the shirring elastic came out.)

Here I am, practising for when I wear it to art exhibitions....(art here by Manus Walsh and Ilse Theilan).

 ..and there'll I'll be, in Halls Gap in a few weeks time, throwing lots of fabric about the place with a bunch of great gals who love sewing as much as I do. I can't wait!



Breakfast Jo said...

Hehehe you make me laugh. I love all the dresses, they will be very popular. Now off you go, more poncing about and art galleries to conquer.

Annie said...

You look like a hot mamma to me...oh how I'd love to have swimmers shoulders and no bust!

Anna said...

These pattern-free garments look so versatile and fun to make and wear.

oonaballoona said...

OOOOO THOSE DRESSES!!!! those drapey awesome dresses!

(i like your head.)

Katy Cameron said...

So what you're saying is 'Go pattern free and you'll lose your head...' ;o)

thornberry said...

Loving all of these Nikki and there are a number that I would very happily try! I've been enjoying watching your pinterest boards too - so many fun things.

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Love them especially the red one.
Will have to overcome my fear of stretchy fabric before I can give them a go.
Please come to Perth!!!
Jenny x

JD said...

I just discovered your blog (though I've known your bags for ages) and LOVE these dresses. Any plans for Sydney workshops - I can't make it to the Grampians but would do a Sydney session in a heartbeat!
Many thanks

Fer said...

What a wonderful experience one of your workshops would be! If you ever decide to visit Tassie....... ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the twisted tube dress. It wouldn't suit me but still I find it gorgeous on you and wish I could wear it. The ideas are wonderful. All the best with your class.
Barbara from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada...quite far away from you!