Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Super-crafty school holiday studio goings-on.

The studio has been a hive of crafty action this week.  The fancy-schmantzy Bernina extension table was repurposed as a lightbox/tracing table.

My assistant's latest obsession is tracing things, so the table with a few Ikea lamps shoved underneath was a HUGE hit.

There was also a goodly amount of pva glue splashed around.  Two new fabric scrap bowls are drying on the window sill.

And not to be outdone on the foyer (lobby) noticeboard (by the blokes downstairs), the wee girl contributed her own football poster.

It appears that four and a half years of indoctrination* has been a resounding success.

*Her father is immensely proud!

Today I fused paper-backed fusible web to various coloured fabrics for the wee girl to make an applique cushion. 

The paper made it easy to cut out shapes.  She then peeled off the paper and placed the pictures on the denim backing fabric. 

Then she reworked the design completely

Eventually, things were fused and stitched into place (wee girl on my knee, operating the presser foot up-and-down and the reverse button). 

Then the shape of the cushion was re-designed (to be the same width as the sky), re-cut and re-sewn. 

Then it was stuffed.

It was at this point that she hit it with the metaphorical REJECT stamp.

"It's a HORRIBLE shape!" 

She wanted it to be square, but with the edge of the cushion at the edge of the picture.  She'd miscalculated the dimensions of the central image.

She wouldn't look at it while I finished stuffing and slipstitching it.  She played with little magnet things instead. 

She told me not to blog it (SHHHHH!), but I think it's fantastic.  I hope that one day she'll be glad that I recorded it.  I also hope that her perfectionist streak (where could she have got that from?) is a little phase she'll grow out of.

So.....  What have I been up to? 

I made a lavender bag.

I'm reworking the Homespun project into a simple little project/kit, to be released alongside the Kiss purse kit.  Both should be ready early next week.


Vireya said...

The "Magpie" sign made me smile when I saw it on the noticeboard today - but I didn't realise who the artist was!

bec said...

oh, so cute! Or should I say 'sew cute". Defintaley keep it for her, she might appreciate her talent one day! I see the frog obsession continues haha

CurlyPops said...

Go Superfrog!

Jodie said...

"Then she reworked the design completely"

she is so totally your daughter !!!

A Peppermint Penguin said...


Diva Designer.

Nope, can't think where she gets that from.

Andi said...

Great small person crafting!!!
Andi x

PS Go Pies!!!

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

You are such a good mum. Can I have a wee bit of your patience as you must have oodles!
Love her talents.

ambette said...

That is SO cute! That magpie poster is great - she's a character, your little one. I love all her grand projects. It must be great seeing her little mind at work!

Anonymous said...

She is a doll and a half, that daughter of yours.

PS. Go Pies ;)

Fer said...


meli B said...

You are so good, always getting your daughter involved with making stuff. She obviously is very talented judging by the magpie picture. I give her full marks on good taste and great drawing.