Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sewing bee for Rainbow Comfort Packs

I'm thinking of doing a blitz on library bag making for the kids comfort packs this Saturday.... would anyone care to join me?

Edited to add: It's SATURDAY, not Sunday as originally posted. (Kiddie-care issues arose!!). I changed the post early in the piece but forgot to change one of my references to Sunday... it's now SATURDAY, SATURDAY, SATURDAY.... Sorry for being so confusing!!

I have lots of space and sewing equipment, and would welcome company to help make lots of library bags (A4 or a bit bigger - to hold things like colouring books, soft toys, clothes etc). We'll deliver them to Monica to fill with goodies and distribute to the littlest of the bushfire victims (through Bushfire relief agencies).

Let me know if you'd like to come to Brunswick and sew on Saturday and I'll send you details of how to get there, parking and what to bring.

For those of you further afield.... perhaps you could organise your own gang of friends-who-craft, and organise your own sewing bee...? I see Gay had the same idea as I did. If you're around the Newcastle area of NSW drop her a line.

Or if you have anything to donate for INSIDE the bags - things to comfort or keep little hands and minds busy while Mums and Dads try to piece together shattered lives - you can send direct to Monica or drop off things with me in Brunswick.

If you have a business that could operate as a drop-off point for another suburb please contact Monica at Beyond Pink and Blue.

If you're interstate and worried about postage - 3kg parcel satchels are the cheapest way to send anything over 500g. For around $10 you can squeeze a fair bit in. Within Melbourne you won't pay over about $7 for up to 20kg.

Or... another thought...does anyone know of a courier company that might donate the cost of freight....? We'd never get through red tape with Australia Post.

Other wonderful efforts are being made in the crafting community. Cindy has organised a Handmade Help blog as a central listing for Ebay auctions contributing to the Bushfire Relief fund. Pip and Cam are also keeping their eye on the pulse of where to go and what to do to help out.


Christine McDonald said...

Great idea. Count me in.

Kirsty said...

Good on you Nikki. I've got some stuff to go IN those bags...I'll drop off to Monica.

& depending where they end up going...I might be able to assist with delivery.

méri said...

I'm a little lost with so many links.
As I have your adress I'll send you some little things to put in the bags. During this week I'll make what I can and will send later.
I'm so sad, so sad that I don't know what to say or write.

Gay McDonell said...

Thanks Nikki for mentioning my sewing day - on our local (Newcastle) news last night, it was mentioned that John Farragher Removals will be taking a free load to Bush Fire Relief Centres - stuff has to be dropped off at Toronto Workers Club on the 2nd March. I have emailed Aus Post requesting some free postage - their website states that they have already made a big big donation, so I expect they may not come to the party .... thanks again.

Fer said...

It's wonderful to see how the whole country (even parts of the world) are rallying around those effected.

You've tempted me to make a suggestion to my little sewing group that meets on Thursday nights. :o)

Anonymous said...

Well down for organising this

Vera Jean said...

Would love to come, a little too far to travel with the local fires here still flaring up, I am going to arrange a local sewathon here on the weekend. Any preference in bag style or materials?
Ha ha - the word verification is "perses" did you rig that??

Anonymous said...

In conjunction with Sketch City we'll be running an art auction on Friday 13 March and are looking for people to help with promotion and also for artwork.

For more info I've a post on my blog www.nicoletattersall.blogspot.com


Juddie said...

Hi Nikki,
I'd love to come - please let me know the details ...

xx Juddie