Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting organised

I should be getting organised for the Stitches and Craft Show.... it's only four weeks away. There are samples to make, patterns to finish, tutorials to write, PowerPoint presentations (eek!) to prepare.... not to mention organising display.... oh and booking flights and freight for the Brisbane show... But I'm having problems thinking about anything but "HOW CAN I HELP THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE LOST EVERYTHING???". My own life and business seem very trivial when compared with what these people have endured.So.... I've organised this sewing bee.... a small thing indeed but it's something that I can do. I have the space (endless amounts because the huge room next door is empty.... and there's a huge hallway... and another room downstairs that I could use....), the equipment and the resources to accommodate as many people who can cut, sew, embellish, make tea, sew buttons and want to come to Brunswick on Saturday to bring a bit of cheer to some traumatised children. I've spent today emailing and liasing, so we have tons of fabric, space and tables... we just need a few more people. Email me if you can come. Email your friends, schools and childcare centres and spread the word if you can't help out yourself.

THANK YOU to the generous souls who have offered their help on Saturday, and those who have donated bag-fillers.

THANK YOU to those of you who can't make it but will be making things in your own part of the world and sending them in.

INTERNATIONAL/INTERSTATE READERS - or even if you live in Brunswick but can't make anything - you can still help here...

For those of you sewing elsewhere... I'll try to do a quick tutorial for a simple bag in the next few days. I've worked out that a bag size of about 30cm x 35cm would be good - it will fit a colouring book, a jig-saw or a softie (I tried things out from the donation box) but not be too big for a small child to carry.

Remember the Xmas bags? Easy as pie.... anyone can do it.... They don't have to be super-duper bags. Just something made with a bit of love. (Super-duper bags are welcome, too... I'm going to donate some of my pattern samples for the older girls).

Today I spoke to one of the women in my building who's family is from one of the suburbs that was razed by the fire. She tells me that the people who have been left homeless are getting lots of donated goods, but SOMETHING TO CARRY/STORE THINGS IN is one of the simple things being overlooked. These people no longer have cupboards, wardrobes or even a gym bag....
PS. If you have an old phone charger, donate it to the Salvos. People saved their phones but not their chargers when they were running from the fires. Apparently Kinglake Pub is one of the few buildings left in the area with power, and is a "find a charger that fits" hub.


Marty said...

What a great thing you are doing! I hurt for all those people and all that they've lost. I can see why getting ready for a show is the last thing on your mind.

Arson caused, no less! No punishment severe enough!

Katy said...

Hi there, started making bags last night, have one finished and should make around 4. I will post them to you on Tuesday next week, hope that's not too late.

Mistea said...

Hi Nikki I would love to come and be part of the sewing this Saturday. It is so good to see everybody coming together like this. Let me know the details.
thanks Tracey

Suse said...

Hi Nikki, this is a great idea! I hope you get heaps of helpers. I live on the fringes and we are still on 'vigilance' notice so cannot come, but wanted to make a suggestion for additions to the care packs.

When people are doing their grocery shopping (hopefully this Friday at Coles, which will donate 100% of its profits to bushfire relief on that day), if they can pick up a packet of kids underwear to include in the care packs. The relief centres have been inundated with secondhand clothes for distribution, but the victims are in desperate need of new underwear. I thought some new knickers would be a practical addition to the jigsaws, books and toys in these care packs.

Good luck on Saturday!

Monica @ bpab said...

Hey Nikki,
I have just posted about the sewing bee on my blog.
I may be in Geelong on Saturday, which is a bugger as I'd love to be sewing with you too!
If you need any help with prepping for the show, let me know.

Katherine said...

Oh, how I wish I could be there with you on Saturday, Nikki. I'll get busy sewing some bags to mail instead. It'll be a virtual sewing bee!

Kirrily said...

I'm in for the virtual sewing bee too!

Little Munchkins said...

I would love to be able to come but will not be able to make it. I can try to sew some bags up...will wait for more details on what you would like. If it is just a simple tote then I will be ok without a pattern.