Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bags for Children's Comfort Packs

Monica from Beyond Pink and Blue is organising little bags of distraction and comfort for the children who are victims of the bushfires. See here for details.

After the first wave of essential relief, these packs will be distributed through the aid agencies. The idea is to give the children who have lost homes and loved ones something special and comforting, and to help distract them with things to keep them busy (so that their parents can get on with the business of rebuilding their lives).

She needs a bag for every child - for a range of ages and for girls and boys - and I think we all know how to make those, don't we...?

It is SO SIMPLE to make a little bag that will appeal to a child. You don't even need a pattern - just some pretty fabric, a bit of applique or some buttons on a simple tote bag will do the trick. I'm happy to act as a drop-off point for any donations of bags (or bag-fillers), or you can send them straight to Monica at
Beyond Pink and Blue
70 Clifton Street Balwyn North 3104 Victoria, Australia .
She'd really like to start putting the packs together in about two weeks time.
You can also include the comfort packs button in your sidebar to encourage other people to take part.
Pip and Jenny are acting as drop-off points for Handmade Help and of course donations of money and blood are needed urgently.


Katy said...

such a great idea, i'm in!! What size is a standard library bag?

Monica @ bpab said...

Hey Nikki,
Thanks for this post!
I think some drop off points would be great. If you are happy to be one, I'll put you down for your area of town.
We can then keep each other posted as to what we need or have as things flood in.
You're ace!

Oh, and about A4 size for a library bag?? Please confirm.....

CurlyPops said...

Such a fantastic idea. I'll definitely be whipping some up and dropping them off!

méri said...

Hi Nikki!

I've made a post with your link and with Monica's link.
But I don't know how to include the comfort packs buttom on my blog.
Can you help me?
Take care

méri said...

I think I've already got it!

Julie said...

Not sure whether I've done the right thing but I've included a link to you on my blog in the UK. Good luck with all your efforts. I am so sorry for this terrible tragedy that is happening to your country. have several blog friends in Victoria and can only pray that they will remain safe.