Monday, September 8, 2014

Workshops and holidays

I'm on a two week break from my weekday teaching job and doing a bit of catching up with things.. like updating the Class/Workshop Schedule on the website. 

I've been teaching about the place.  We had a lovely day at Patch 'n Quilt in Gisborne, and we've scheduled a Zippers for Bags class there for 22nd November.  Contact Mary at Patch n Quilt for bookings.

There are still places on the Handmaker's Factory Masterclass next week.. This isn't one that I do very often, so if you're sort-of-thinking about this as something you might like to do, now is a very good time!

To take up the waiting list for this class, I've taken advantage of a rare free day to schedule a last-minute A-Line Skirt workshop at GJ's on the 27th September.  This will be a small group (being a late-scheduling and also being Grand Final day for the football season... which means that most of the waiting list can't make it that day!), so if you think you need lots of extra attention, this will be a good one to book in.

The other thing I've been doing lately, is taking a complete break from work for THREE  DAYS... I decided I needed a holiday, and I needed to get the garden ready for Spring and Summer... so I had a little gardening holiday at my house this last weekend.

I weeded, I dug, I shovelled and wheelbarrowed 2 cubic metres of freshly-delivered soil and compost.  I made new garden beds, cleared overgrown corners and revealed yet more vegetable-growing space... and I planted lots of potential harvests of fresh, organic food for the girleen and me (and for anyone who looks sideways at me during zucchini season). 

I am sore, scratched and bruised (and have a small patch of sunburn where I missed with the sunscreen), but feeling very pleased with my work.  I'm looking forward to the weather warming up more and all the planting, growing and harvesting that comes with it.

 I'll be back soon with more news of books and giveaways... stay tuned!


pandchintz said...

What a busy girl!! Garden is looking good.

Katy Cameron said...

Sorry, who are you again? ;o) Hope the garden holiday gives you lots of bounty later in the year!

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