Monday, August 11, 2014

Taking Shape

 Despite masses of pumpkin vines all over the garden last summer, I only harvested 3 edible pumpkins.  This was my favourite.

Wedged beneath a fallen bough, it struggled on to maturity and formed a shape all of its own.  It was both delicious and a little bit poetic.   

As much as you can relate to a vegetable, I felt something for this one.  (A kindred spirit?)  I've been doing a fair bit of growing in unexpected ways lately, too.  Changing, being affected by change, working around things, working at things....
Some days I despair at being out of my comfort zone, off-kilter, tossed around on life's stormy seas (the pumpkin made me feel poetic, remember...?), and other days I delight in the new shapes and directions that I'm making and travelling, as I work my way through the tail-end of what has been a very transitional, transformational few years. I can see maturity at the end of it all... even if it's not quite the shape I imagined when I started.
And then I step into a fab new fabric store to teach a purse frame class, and everything is as it ought to be again.  Home.
I taught at Cotton Factory in Ballarat a few weeks ago.  What a lovely shop!!  They focus on classes and have an amazing schedule.  If you're within coo-ee of Ballarat, I'd recommend following them on every available social media stream, or simply popping in to see what's happening next.  I'll be teaching there again in November

These are the results of the purse frame class.
This weekend I'll be at Patch 'n Quilt in Gisborne, and there are classes coming up at Handmaker's Factory (Purse Frames, Customised Bags and Pattern-free Garments) and the CAE in Melbourne.  I'm looking forward to all of them.

I'm also working in my new job, and it's inspiring me in many ways.... including ideas for a new book, possible online classes or blog tutorials... although it's also keeping me so busy that there has been no time to flesh out any of those ideas.  Stay tuned.
In between, I've been doing a fair bit of this...
I hope that things are in good shape in your world.


Katherine said...

That's the spirit, Nikki! Sounds to me like you're thriving and I'm so happy for you. Funny the lessons for life we can find by observing Nature. Just like a butterfly, it seems we need the struggle so we can become all we are meant to be. Know that you are not alone and that the struggle isn't an end... it's the beginning to something beautiful.

Love hearing how things are coming together for you, my friend (and that your job is inspiring you - so awesome!!).

A Peppermint Penguin said...

only you could make a warped pumpkin into Art and Life, with Style.

keep on. I've bought some madécasse in Milk for Mum's birthday, I'll let you know what she thinks of it!

Katy Cameron said...

Oh no, not maturity, don't aim for that path! ;o)

Loving the pumpkin and its symbolism too :o)

Annie said...

Thanks for your encouraging words - just what I needed to hear. I often equate life to my flowers in the garden. It was lovely to see you ever so briefly in The Rat my friend.

Tas said...

Sorry. I saw the chocolate and forgot about everything else. Better go read back ;)

Unknown said...

HI Nikki - do you sell those frame purse patterns?