Sunday, April 21, 2013

Portland Preparations

The sheer panic of last week and this weekend seem to have resulted in some started things, some finished things, and a spot of online Portland-based Ikea and Target shopping.
All going well with international shipping and flights, I think I may just have a display in my booth at Quilt Market in May, after all... who'da thunk it? 
I'm taking a bit of Melbourne with me, in the form of this Large Tote made with Pippijoe fabric ...and a bit of Japan (Echino fabric) on this Day Bag satchel.
 ...And a bit more Japanese fabric on another version of the Day Bag...
I'll be using the Day Bag in classes for both the Schoolhouse at Quilt Market and the American Sewing Guild, so I've been whipping up a few fresh ones.
At the Schoolhouse, it'll all be about bag bases, and at the ASG, it'll be all the bells and whistles we can possibly squeeze in.
Oh looky!  More Japanese fabric.  There appears to be a bit of a theme accidentally coming together here....
The other theme that's coming together is the Riley Blake theme (a spot of cross-promotion for the show)....
 ....and the Finally Getting Around To Photographing Things theme.

If this looks like I've had a mega-productive week, don't be deceived by my selective representation of reality.  (The internet is full of that sort of thing and you should be wise to it by now!). 

There has been angst, tears, much flapping about and too many cups of tea made and let go cold. There has been a sharp increase in the quantity and the purity of the chocolate I'm consuming (we're heading towards 85% ...and considering the possibilility of permanent IV delivery). 

Work gets done in little flurries in between.


And I didn't sew these hats. 
I just photographed them (badly) and gave up on the idea of Photoshopping out the backgrounds when I was half-way through.
Priorities are big news around here, and the clock ticks closer to our departure date.

Thanks to my super-sewing-gals Narelle and Carmel, for making the Hobo (above the hats) and these Hats and Kids Hats .

But this weekend, I saw a glimpse of how it all might work.  Things come together, even in this ad-hoc way that I've been working.

I keep thinking of the 30th May.  It'll be here sooner than I think, and by then I'll have submitted a book manuscript and will be home after my first international trade show.  Who'da thunk it...?

But do you know what the VERY best thing about this weekend was?  This was.


Katy Cameron said...

You and your sample makers have done an amazing job, hope you have a fabulous time, and get a bit of time to revel in both the book and the trade show!

Love the gift too, what a great idea!

Annie said...

Tick tock ... You're going strong now Nic...nothing like a bit of pressure. Wish I was coming!

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Your stuff looks awesome. you'll be great!
And if you can find an intravenous chocolate supplier please email me!

A Peppermint Penguin said...

You shall go to the ball (show)!

smashing stuff as always. I need to get me a copy of that day bag pattern.

And your extra weekend thing looks fab, well done all.

CurlyPops said...

I'm so excited that you're going to Portland. You're going to be amazing!

ellie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat with the lanterns on it! I am a little obsessed with Japanese fabrics too.