Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Both sides now

When I was in Addicted to Fabric a month or so ago, I was completely besotted and amazed by the double-sided prints that are available, even in the finest of fabric weights.

I came home with several metres of the double-sided knits, and have been thinking about what I might make with them.  I haven't made a decision, nor have I had the time to sew for myself, but I'm hedging towards pattern-free and a bit twisty.

Mostly, I'm just looking forward to having the time and brainspace to sew for myself again.  My head is full of garment ideas.... and little fantasies about yoga retreats or weekends of sewing in Apollo Bay.
Life has been  completely out of balance these last few months: very heavy on the work and panic and very light on the family, friends and breathing-without-hyperventilating.  Now that the projects for the book are done and the manuscript is in its final tweakings stage, I'm able to stand still for odd moments and take in the scene.
(If I look at that same table right now, it actually has twice as much craft debris all over it ...and onto two chairs and the floor.)
Now that the book is nearly done, I've realised that there is less than a month until I go to Quilt Market in Portland... and there's ...ummmm... quite a lot to do.  I hadn't even started before last week.
I plough on.  I neglect my blog.  I'm still reading the same novel I started months ago.  I let the wee girl watch too much mindless television. I don't sew anything that isn't work-related.  
As Jodie so eloquently puts it, I'm totally hampstered.
There is balance in my mind, if not in my itinerary. I still count my blessings, delight in every blue skied day (a residual habit after living for 5 years in Ireland).  I'm thankful for every day without sickness and for my beautiful girl. And I know that at some point, all this madness will be a distant memory.  Hopefully, the memory will serve as a reminder to keep life in balance a bit more in future, and not take on more than I need to, or can cope with. 
Amongst it all, I must remember to keep my eye on what's really important, and on the example that I'm setting. 

My girl has an eye for detail, is creative, independent and strong-willed. I think I know where she might get that from, but I wonder what else she's absorbing.

She made these dolls to please me... not by her creativity but by "keeping busy and out of [my] way"...  It was one of those parenting moments that cause pause and reflection.

It'd be nice if we could take an extended holiday while we're in the USA, but the reality around here is that I have to hit the ground running when we get back.  Nobody else pays the bills.

I have ideas for patterns (how long is it since I've done one of those...?).

I've been scheduling classes for the winter (... and if you 'd like to do any of them, I'd suggest getting in quick because they're filling up). 

And I've been thinking of ways to be more present when I'm parenting, and more joyful in the presence of the magic that is my clever, creative, extraordinary kid.

And I'm definitely looking into the possibility of a weekend away. Apollo Bay is calling.


Annie said...

The universe is unfolding as it should...

Breakfast Jo said...

My Goodness!! That Wee Girl is extraordinarily clever! She manages to 'capture' the 'mood' of those dolls amazingly. I see what you mean about her attention to detail. I can't wait to see what she does when she is a little older. On the parenting front, you ROCK. I only wish I had been as thoughtful as you when mine were that age. PS Bag 14 will be finished tomorrow, I need a zipper for a pocket, and even though I have a LARGE zipper stash.....I don't have the one I need. Such is life xx

A Peppermint Penguin said...

In the top left corner of that picture, the S is nearly invisible on that tub... :D

I've been listening to a lot of KT and also Gerry Rafferty, if you don't already have it (and since I don't think one can gift mp3s) could you get yourself "Stealin Time"? I think it will add to your blue sky days/moments.

willywagtail said...

She loves you, is being more adult than needed by trying to help you (but that is not altogether a bad thing so long as it is not the pattern of her life) but also needs reassurance which it sounds like you give her. I really want to know how she did the hair. Fascinating! Cherrie

Anonymous said...

Had a look through Stella's writing book at school yesterday. It had a page that said "my mummy is angry" along with a picture of me with bared teeth. Has given me impetus to pause and reflect too!
Take care and keep breathing and "this too shall pass".

Anonymous said...

It's nice to pause and reflect. I'm so pleased the book is nearly there. Maybe the wee one and you might enjoy a little get-a-way together.

Katy Cameron said...

Oh I hope you get to Apollo Bay! You have the coolest fabric over there, we just don't get stuff like that (although I think I'd have been distracted by that newsprint one in the background of the first pic) I did have a little snort of laughter over the blue skies though ;o)

Jane said...

I think those fabulous creatures (love!) are evidence you're doing a jolly fine job... however I do know the same feeling rather well. But I sense you're probably the kind of person who would get twitchy if you had much time on your hands anyway. Good luck with it all!

Helen said...

zombies are totally the IN thing at the moment. the fact that your daughter can actually MAKE them into dolls shows she is extraordinarily talented! I did, however, think that she liked cats....?

Fer said...

You, and your daughter, will always rock! xo

Nancy said...

Oh my, Nikki. I could have written this post. "Totally hamstered" -- my new mantra! What are we doing to ourselves? BTW, girleen's creations ROCK! She surely gets her talent from you.

Yours in spirit,