Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two tutorials and and an interfacing sale.

There's been a bit of a blitz on A-Line Skirt-making around these parts.  This one is in fabric by Surface Art, and it's headed for display at GJ's Discount Fabric.
Instead of a plain skirt with a print panel, this time it was a plain panel on a print skirt.  It needed a little something to make it sing.  I went with a bit of raw-edge applique and a squiggle of stitchery.
I fused some Vliesofix (WonderUnder) fusible webbing to some scraps and then cut out parts of the fabric design.
After much aranging and rearranging, a design was finalised and the pieces were fused into place on the skirt.
On the underside of the fabric panel, I fused some Fuse-and-Tear embroidery stabiliser.
...and stitched all over the place.  The stabiliser stops the fabric from puckering as you embroider.  Because it's fused to the fabric, you don't have to put it in a hoop.  It stays nice and flat.
And then you tear it away from the back of the fabric.
I use this stabiliser a lot on bags and purses, and I don't worry too much about getting all the little bits out of the stitches, because nobody will ever see it there.  On the skirt, I had to employ the use of a tailor's awl to pick away the stabiliser between the denser areas of stitching.
But it was worth it in the end, when the stitched design was all lovely and flat. Not a pucker in sight.
I accidentally bought WAY too much Fuse-and-Tear stabiliser a while ago, and I've decided to clear it at wholesale price. $1.80 per metre, in store only (3/99 Helen St Northcote), until sold out.
If you're not into stitchery and think this isn't for you, can I just give you another use for it?  In place of tracing paper, baking paper or non-woven interfacing, this stuff is excellent if you're tracing off patterns. 
 It's super-strong, and doesn't tear with pinning.  The fusible stuff on the back is kind of rubbery, and holds the fibres together.
 But better than that, it makes the patterns FUSIBLE!  You don't actually need pins!
 And (like freezer paper) it peels off and sticks down again, at least a few times.  I've only re-used my patterns 3 times, but each time it stuck perfectly. 
I imagine small, detailed pattern pieces, or fabric with a lot of movement and drape, could be managed nicely with a fusible pattern.

To make it worth the trip in to see us for $1.80 stabiliser, this week we're also offering a 10% discount on all the interfacings and Vliesofix we have in stock.  There are also be a few other pattern and hardware bargains to be had.


thornberry said...

Shall be in at some stage to buy some of this stuff! Where has it been all my life? And I adore that skirt. In my size, maybe?

Kate said...

Love that skirt, and love the stitching on that panel!

Chiara Z said...

Loving the feature panel with a squiggle! and planning to pop over for some interfacing of my own.

МамаФиалка said...


A Peppermint Penguin said...

the embellishments you just throwd together look miles more stylish than the ones I spend ages thinking about!

Have you tried (question not recomendation) the water soluble or heat away stabiliser on this sort of embroidery?

Mel said...

LOL had to take a double take at "not a pucker in sight" that's not what I thought I'd read :) BTW nice fabric

James said...

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Katy Cameron said...

Oooh, love the doodly panel, so much fun!

Tracy VT said...

Love the feeling of free machineing...just an idea in your head, and the thread and machine just doin' their thing! ...and a trusty awl at your side! Another fantasitc interrpreation Nikki!

Loopylu -lu said...

Genius... love it.

Fer said...

Gorgeous skirt! The stitching design was well worth the effort.

pandchintz said...

Hi Nikki, don't know if you were at AQM last weekend (I was too busy to see!), but at Victorian textiles we were showing a whole new range of fusibles etc that might interest you. Try contacting Jennifer and tell her I sent you. Cheers, Meredithe

tractorgirl julie said...

Such great tips as always, love the idea of peel'n'stick pattern pieces. Shame I'm not in Melbs anymore 'cos I would totally get me some of that.

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