Monday, November 26, 2012

To Market, to Markit ...and a whirlwind through life.

It was a big weekend. The Australian Quilt Market was on in Melbourne.
There was almost unbearable cuteness to be seen (and lots of me stopping to chat) around the Creative Abundance stand.  RicRac and Mellie&Me side by side, and surrounded by all the other talented CA crew.
I wasn't exhibiting, so it was fab to be able to wander about and meet lots of other designers, reps and distributors.  Lots of inspiration, collaboration and opportunities were shared.  And there was lots of fabric.... lovely fabric.

This is part of the Riley Blake stand, which was singing with fresh colour.
Best of all was the fabulous company. 'Twas great to catch up with Lisa, Pauline and Jodie (over what was supposed to be a quick lunch) and still feel the bonds that were made in those early Stitches and Craft Show days. 
I also popped into Markit@FedSquare on my way through to the AQM on Sunday.
I must admit I was a tad overwhelmed by the crowds (as I was trying to negotiate my way through with the unweildy bundle of my helmet and the basket off my bike).  I didn't stay as long as I'd planned and I appear to have missed seeing a few friends who were there. 

From what I saw, the quality of the work was extraordinarily high and I hope that all the stallholders had a fab day.  It looked stunning.
So many ideas swam about in this little ol' head of mine this past weekend.  Life's big questions danced beside frippery, colour and design, while I relished the ability to ride a bicycle in glorious Melbourne sunshine and eat Japanese food for 3 of the weekend's meals. 
There was hope and opportunity, exasperation and desperation, unstoppable giggles and cathartic tears, newborn-baby-cuddling and an education in boutique-beer drinking. There were surprises and uncertainty and there was the comfort of time spent with old and very dear friends. There was a sense of being bouyed up with love and support, and there was hair that did something different every three minutes (must get a haircut or new styling product).
This weekend was one big jumbled mash up.  Life, in concentrated form.  Ain't it grand...?
Now, it's home-again, home-again... and I have laundry to wash, a book to write and a kid to get to school each day.

And I'm listening to KT Tunstall.



A Peppermint Penguin said...

KT is ridiculously talented. Much like yourself ;-)

Glad you had so much fun, even if you do pack a year into a weekend.

breakfast jo said...

I just love your wonderful descriptive blogging. You have made me jealous and homesick, but l still enjoyed reading it and especially the gorgeous photos ......sigh glad you had such a wonderful nurturing weekend. What a tonic for the creative soul. ; O)

Tania said...

Holy heck. AGAIN! I so need a weekend like yours. Or that last really excellent weekendy one you had. I wouldn't be fussy-like.

Katy Cameron said...

Looks like a great, creative weekend! As for the hair, just be glad yours is short, mine is just past shoulder length frizz, I had some 'eeek' moments after seeing a few photos of me taken at a party this weekend!