Monday, October 22, 2012

New things

This last week has been one of list-ticking, loose-end-tying and every other day,  feeling (mentally) like I've just given birth.  I finished the new Beauty Case, the revised Poppet and have just uploaded the new digital USB Key Fob to the website.

I even did a bit of tidying up ...and filing.  (Not sure what's wrong with me.)

The USB key fob is a quick little project, made with quick little gift ideas in mind (..have you noticed the speed at which Christmas is approaching?). 

The colourful fob makes USB sticks (flash drives.. or whatever you want to call them) easier to find and less likely to fall out of a bag or pocket.  It also makes each one distinctive. (Am I the only one who has trouble telling them apart and remembering which files are on which stick?).  The USB drive is removable/interchangeable and it tucks down safely inside the little sachet when the strap is snapped closed, and it can clip onto a keyring or a key clip inside a handbag.  Handy, huh?

As you can see above, the fabric choice can be a bit blokey, so there's something you can make for the men in your life.  It crossed my mind that a bit of subversive stitchery, gocco printing or inkjet printable fabric could be used to personalise the strap of the key fob, but I haven't done anything with those ideas yet. 

For those of you only recently discovering my little corner of the craft world, I'm including a few photos of the Poppet Purse that I made when it was first released under the Nicole Mallalieu Design label, many moons ago.

I do love my little Poppet. I always feel a bit clever when I make one.  I love its size and proportions.  I love the self-supporting structure in the barrel body of the purse.  I love that it holds a lot more than you'd think.  I love that it can be everything from a make-up purse or a bridal purse....  (...even if I do say so myself)

I had to bring it into the You SEW Girl range.
It includes instructions for a few different strap options, including a detachable strap and a handle with boning.
 And there's a really good chance that this little Japanese fabric one is going to mysteriously disappear from the showroom (and reappear just as mysteriously in my wardrobe). 

I think it's the perfect cafe-to-pub purse (...which is all I did from Saturday night to Sunday night this weekend, catching up with friends. Fabulous!). 

And that's a new thing, too.  Me - going out. I was so excited about having finished my interstate teaching gigs for the year that I spent all my free time on the weekend, catching up with lots of long-neglected friends.

Another new thing, is that we've changed our business hours.  Since we're not flat out with internet orders and walk-in customers (the wholesale trade is much more slow-and-steady and easily managed), and I have a lot of serious book-writing, product-development and US-trip/distribution work to do, we've decided to close the office and shop on Fridays.  I'll still be here if there's an emergency order or retail shopping appointment.  But mostly, I'll be making the most of my one child-free (until school pick-up) day, where I'm not distacted by everyday business, so that I can do the things that take all my brainpower and concentration. (I'm VERY EASILY distracted!)

Our new shop hours are Monday - Thursday 10am - 4pm.  Fridays by appointment only.

One more new thing... As more USB ports died and computer start-ups became a half-day event, I went out and bought myself a new computer.  There are some pretty annoying incompatability issues to sort out between operating systems, documents and software, so in the interum I'm working between the two machines.  The good news is that with the workload on the ol' fella halved, so has page-load and screen-freeze time been greatly reduced.  And I've decided that I quite like having two screens.

I thought I'd share all this newness before it becomes old hat.  I'm afraid there hasn't been a change in my limited blogging time routine.


Chiara Z said...

Wow Nikki--I so enjoyed the workshop on Saturday and couldn't have guessed from your friendly-focussed manner that there was so much else going on around the traps. Thanks again for a great day.

A Peppermint Penguin said...

from USB key fobs (genius)

to new tech, yer a proper wee Geek, aren't you! (that is a compliment, Geeks rule the earth)

that's a lot of sorting you've done. Well done for the socialising to celebrate.

zeynep said...

Hepsi birbirinden güzel olmuş.
Emeklerinize sağlık.

Tracy VT said...

What a fantastic idea! I love the red snap and can't wait to make a few of these! Terrific work again!
Cheers, Tracy

Fer said...

I'm sure the more 'techy' we become the more we think our life is organised! The USB fob has turned out brillo, I wonder if I'll ever get a chance to make one!

Tas said...

OK, the USB key fob is v. cool. Can see me making them for my kids for school!

The Poppet is on my list too. Such a sweet bag.

Katy Cameron said...

Cleaning AND filing? You've clearly not been well!

Enjoy your kid free new working day!

meli B said...

Excellent idea with the key fob. Are you selling them as a little kit?

Mandy said...

Love the key fob. I've bought it and can't wait to try it out :-).

Unknown said...

That's creepy. It disappeared mysteriously? A Japanese ghost has something to do with it. Just kidding. I like your blog!

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