Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New patterns, a spot of revamping and how I (accidentally) nearly brought down an aircraft carrying 180 passengers.

The new pattern is nearly ready to print.  The feedback from pattern-testers is starting to come in and I'm working through the corrections and edits and tweakings.  It's a much-revamped version of the project I wrote for Homespun Magazine last year (published in June this year).
The pattern is called "Beauty Case", after the original inspiration for the design.  It's designed for confident sewing skills (if you can set a sleeve in, keep an even seam allowance, know your way around your sewing machine etc, you qualify as "confident"), but I've tested it on a few self-classified basic-to-intermediate sewing gals, and they made themselves some spiffy new beauty cases, while learning a few new tricks.
It'll be ready for shops to order by the end of the week, all going well.  So, if you want to start nagging your local (or favourite online) stockist now, they can pre-order from us and you'll get your pattern hot off the proverbial.

When I was a kid, my mother had a beauty case, even though she never wore make-up.  To me, a beauty case symbolised all the mysteries of being a woman, and it evoked the glamour of movie stars and the excitement of international travel.  (I had a vivid imagination.)

At some point in mid-primary school, I was given a beauty case for a birthday or Christmas.  I had no make-up to put in mine, either, but it became a treasure-chest for all that I held as precious. And so it still remains, in a box on a shelf in the garage... I get it out every now and then to look through the things I thought worth keeping.

For Homespun, the bag was called a "craft tote" and it would indeed be perfect for carrying crafty projects on the go, but I don't think it stops there.  It could be for toiletries,  make-up, art materials or anything that needs to be kept safe and a bit organised.  It could also be a TREASURE CHEST for a kid.

In other revamping news, I've also finished the revised Poppet pattern.  This is the 150mm frame purse with the structured barrel-shaped  body.  It's another one that is not for beginners, but it's a very satisfying project and a cute little wristlet-sized purse.
And there was a spot of revamping in the hair department.  I got tired of red dye fading to pink (and thereby clashing with most of my wardrobe).  When someone described my "trademark pink hair"  it was obvoiously time for a colour-change.  It's now sporting a flash of  copper-orange... fading fast, no doubt, to something likely to need regular high-maintenance retouching. 
But it's not all rehashing and revamping around here.  I'm fiddling about with little scraps and continuing my love-affair with fusible tapes and webbings.  I'm writing a new downloadable project.

Gosh, you've done very well to read this far.... I've been rabbiting on endlessly here, haven't I?  Was it the little mention of the near-aviation-disaster that kept you reading?  Ok, I'll fill you in... it's a bit of a long story.

I set my alarm for ridiculous o'clock on Saturday morning, so I could catch my flight to Canberra.  The clock obviously thought better of it and didn't go off.  I woke with a start, half an hour late, and madly got myself ready while I waited for coffee to kick in and wake me up properly. 

As I showered, cleaned teeth and did hair, I made a little pile on the bathroom floor with the things I needed to pack.  I put my phone and iPod on the pile (while I thought of it) and then got dressed and packed up my computer.

When I was dressed, I packed the last-minute stuff in my handbag, computer bag and luggage.  I was in the car and on my way to the the airport on schedule.  Phew.   No dramas in traffic and I was checked in and at the boarding gate early.

It was only when we all boarded and I went to turn off my phone and iPod, that it became apparent that neither phone nor iPod were in my handbag or computer bag.  The last place I remembered seeing them was with the toiletries before they were packed in my checked-on luggage.  I was simultaneously anxious that it probably wasn't ok to have a switched-on phone or iPod in my checked-in luggage, that shampoo or moisturiser might be leaking all over them and that there was the distinct possibility that I hadn't packed them in my toiltery bag at all (so should I or shouldn't I mention it to someone...?).

So... I thought I might ask one of the cabin crew what she thought.  Although she kept her composure and said "I think I'll just ring the captain" the colour seemed to drain from her face as she spoke and her smile looked a bit nervous.

Twenty minutes later and I'm back at the boarding gate, surrounded by three stressed and humourless security staff and one of the cabin crew, who were madly ringing my mobile and walkie-talkying with the baggage-handlers who were "stripping the aircraft" (I picked up the lingo) in search of my bag (..that'd be the one that was checked in early and is somewhere right down the front of the luggage hold).

The bag was found (after an age) and arrived at the boarding gate.  And... well... it turns out that I'd put the offending objects down on a table while I was packing the toiletry bag into my suitcase.  They were not in my luggage at all.

Ahem... yes... well.. My apologies to the 180 people on board.  Excuse me while I squirm my way back down the aisle and find my seat at the back of the plane...and no, I'm not going to lift my eyes off the floor as I do so....


One of the security staff told me that I was the second person to do this that day (and it was only 8am).  That might explain the lack of humour.... and I think he was trying to make me feel a bit better.  The cabin crew were really nice and THANKED me (emphatically) for speaking up when there was a doubt. 

I was still mortified. 

And I will NEVER  - no matter how bleary and rushed I am before a flight - EVER do this again.

Then it was all smooth-sailing and I had a lovely weekend, teaching at Addicted to Fabric.  Apologies to the Zipper workshop girls, I forgot to photograph you!  Here, we have the happy hat-making crew.

So... how was your week? 


Tania said...

I'm feeling every bit of your mortified pain as you walked down that aisle. GAAAAAHHHHHHH!

On the up-side, that is such a lovely Beauty Case. You don't mind if I refer to the Craft Tote as a Beauty Case. do you? Only because I have the same sort of fondly-held historic connections as you...

Eva said...

First I like your blog name! I saw a button at Quilt Market Show with that name! Made me smile! Just like y.our blog post. The bag is delishi and fashionable.

trash said...

Nothing to compare to yours love. That is for sure!

A Peppermint Penguin said...

and yet you still sailed on and did your classes. I would just have collapsed in a heap after that lot!

So glad you didn't get arrested, who knows what colour hairdye they'd allow you in there.

"if you are going to make a mistake, make it a good one" yes.

Midge said...

I know how peoples eyes are on you if you are late to board, so feel your pain. Better to be safe than sorry.

seabreezequilts said...

Love all the versions of the beauty case, think I am going to have to get that pattern and the poppet which I don't think I have in my collection. Think I will be making lots of bags during summer break.

I bet you were as red as your hair. I've got pink streaks at the moment and they fade to red.

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

My week was not as exciting/busy as yours!

Jeannie Gan said...

I had once walked to my seat with all eyes on me as I was the very LAST one on board (spent too long browsing in duty free shops)! I learnt my lesson!
I love all your products. I made a Belle and yet to make the Puff. Now I want to make this gorgeous Beauty Case as I need to replace my aged one which is falling into pieces any time soon. I will have to check if Stitchin Stuff in NZ stocks the pattern. BTW, can you please tell me what pattern did the lady at the front row with the lime green hat use? I like that style. In case you need to send me the link or info, my email address is jchiagan at yahoo dot com

Tas said...

Well, my 7 year old packed scissors in his hand luggage on our recent return form the USA. What was scary was that he got from LA to Sydney with them but they got got confiscated at Sydney security. Great USA security checks, hey?

So (luckily) nowhere near the "excitement" of your flight. If I was one of those 180 people, I'd be happy that you spoke up, lovey, so don't be too mortified.

"Trademark pink hair" Yes, I am chuckling...

Breakfast Jo said...

*giggle*.....you did the right thing and at least you aren't the ONLY person to have done it!!! ( positive thinking there)
I hope you had lots of coffee that day lol We all share your pain, but hey, better to be safe than sorry ( mum-ism) Love the hair BTW and love the Beauty Case. I had one too, and remember carrying proudly onboard on my first OS trip full of liquids in bottles and sharp implements like nail scissors and files...ah those were the days :O) Love ya work xx

rachelmp said...

You don't do things by halves Nikki x

Sharon said...

We understand about no photo for us zipper girls, the stress of the non mobile and the warm classroom would be enough for me to forget whole lot more.

Those hats look awesome.

ellie said...

I would be totally mortified too plus you never really know how the security staff are going to take it so I'm a bit paranoid about phones etc.

Nikki what is the gorgeous pink fabric with the flowers on it, inside the lemon beauty case? It looks stunning

velosews said...

I learnt two new zipper techniques on Saturday and I'm going to try the 3rd technique.
Thanks for taking the class Nicole.

Lisa H said...

I love the beauty case and your new hair colour.
My weekend was considerably less exciting than yours. Sometimes other peoples lives look so much more exciting than mine, but sorry, I would not have swapped my boring Saturday morning for your 'adventurous' one for all the tea in China.
Wishing you a drama free week.

Michelle said...

Wait - you were there Sunday? I was there Sunday! Buying fabric ins in the 3 minutes before they closed for the afternoon, but I was there nonetheless! I was so frantic I didn't even spy who was teaching the class I stormed into to get my grey homespun. Glad the classes were good. Will definitely have to sign up for one next time.

Bummer about the airport "incident" but it's a story you can at least dine out on for a long time!

Fer said...

Nice one.... and I'm sure there's been heaps worse 'mishaps' on planes! (I remember watching a Mythbusters episode where they tried to prove that mobile phone frequencies interfere with the flight equipment and they failed, but you certainly did the right thing anyway).

Annie said...

Oh Nikki... If it helps I've been on school camp with 130 kids and had the worst group ever!

Katy Cameron said...

ROFLMAO. Sorry, I shouldn't laugh, it's just that I had my own insane trip to the US, and that made me feel much better ;o)