Monday, May 30, 2011

A Rather Large Weekend

These days, my large weekends are filled with less darkened rooms and loud music and more with beautiful tiny cupcakes....The non-stop crafty action began on Thurday night, with a Bags for Beginners Class, followed by a bit of Slinky Malinky tail-and-ear-making for Book Week dress-up day on Friday.And yes... running short of time, photos were taken while teeth were cleaned on the way to the car.Friday was spent clearing the tables upstairs and downstairs (no mean feat...all the gear from the AQC was still dumped on the downstairs cutting tables) to create cutting space for a Pattern-Free Wrap Skirt class. Then it was off to dinner with a fab bunch of bloggy, crafty chicks (cue Cathie's cupcakes - Appearance #1).

Saturday was the skirt class.

We saw some great results, front and...


Embracing the theory of "There is no such thing as a fault in the fabric - only another opportunity for a design feature", Sheree made a fabulous Kaffe Fassett racing stripe on the back of her skirt.
Sunday morning saw me flapping about like a flock of headless poultry... and ummmm....running out of petrol in an unkown suburban street, without my phone...(ahem.... move on...), buying WAY TOO MUCH beer and wine and finally making it to a little gathering of nearests and dearests and fabulous bloggy friends, to break a metaphorical bottle of champagne over my book.

Cue cupcakes - Appearance #2.

Phew! I made it out the other side.
It kind-of makes me feel like putting my feet up to relax with a good book. And possibly another cupcake.

BTW- New Wrap Skirt Class is scheduled for 10th September.

Another BTW - Wee girl models a Twirly Skirt from my book (in a somewhat unladylike pose), made at Sewjourn last weekend.


Seams Inspired said...

You DID have a busy weekend! Doesn't it feel good to accomplish all that? Happy Monday! :o)

Fer said...

Busy, but hugely fulfilling! I'm sure you'll find a good use for all that extra wine, when all's said and done, I think you've earnt it!

Gorgeous cupcakes too... ♥

Liam's Mummy said...

What a lovely, full weekend. You must be exhausted!

Tania said...

I dare you to put yourself to bed before the Cinderella Hour tonight. Double dare you.

A Peppermint Penguin said...

Wot T said.

Vic said...

Your next class is on my birthday!

What a weekend... I think you deserve SEVERAL cupcakes. ;)

Erica said...

Those cupcakes are making my mouth water as we speak. x

Fiona said...

Wow - you are busy!!

I was going to make a skirt. Got the paper - made the pattern and found out that I didn't quite have enough fabric. Now I need to go shopping!!

trudi@maudeandme said...

That skirt workshop sounds great -if only there wasn't several hundred kms between me and it.

MoneySavingEnthusiast said...

I like your theory about the fabric. That print is really pretty. I'm feeling inspired. I've just been UPCYCLING clothes to make pillows. Maybe I'll try to make clothes.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Karen said...

I hope you are resting now - to recover!!
Glad the launch went well - sorry I couldn't join you to help get rid of some of that excess champagne!

Lou said...

It does sound like a busy - but definitely fun - weekend. Congrats again on the book. Great effort. Still meaning to pop past to pick up a copy for myself!

meli B said...

Gosh, I think I stayed home all weekend! You sure know how to pack it in!

Kate said...

I've been dying to hear how the launch went. I was so sad sitting here at home knowing what I was missing out on. Looking forward to seeing you as number one on that list. x

Leonie said...

i'm with Kate, Ive been sitting here itchin and scratching to know how it all went. I so wish I could have come. Thank you a heap for making me feel calm and settled on friday night. You were an absolute gem to fondle!

Maureen said...

I "found" you when I was researching PELTEX...I LOVE your draped dress (when will patterns be available please?)
and also your wrap around skirt.
I'm up in Brisbane territory so O cant see me getting to Northcote for a class (sad smile)

m.e (Cathie) said...

I hope you have had a few calm days this week after all the excitement last week.
was so good to be there for your launch. you looked A M A Z I N G!!
poncing dress was stunning..tres chic Ms M!
i am definitely popping round next week for a cuppa & chat & to purchase your book with your wonderful autograph of course.

hugs ♥