Sunday, April 3, 2011

One thing at a time.... (pffft!)

Thing have been a bit quiet on the bloggy front here. My week was a tad full with things other than time to blog. While organising my AQC stand (and associated display, staff and stock), there were negotiations about a big secret-surprisey-thing..... shhhh....
There was preparation during the week, for a workshop on the weekend (with a great bunch of Essendon Quilters). Thanks for the fun day, girls!

I was also working away at the new purse pattern, aiming to get it to some pattern-testers by the weekend (...done, by the skin of my teeth and without the purse frames being sent out).

This purse is for basic-intermediate skills, so the instructions have to be perfectly clear and achievable.

I agonised over things like straps.


I also wanted to get the purses finished and photographed so I could let you know that THIS is my idea for a fund-raiser for the Red Cross.

Rather than do my usual New Pattern Giveaway, I'd blatantly steal Jodie's idea again, for a raffle. Leave your receipt number for your donation of $5 (and a way to contact you if you don't have an email address enabled on your google/blog profile) in the comment box below (or email me with it).

There are so many areas in need right now, I'm not fussed if your donation is for Japan, Christchurch or the Victorian floods. The Red Cross are doing a amazing job, trying to keep up. They need all the support they can get.

I'd planned to make a draped purse in quilting fabric, to balance out the more "serious" satin, georgette and wool versions (and give me more options for a cover photo for the packaging). I haven't managed that one.

I had plans for an applique/felted/patchworky version, too. That didn't happen, either. Meanwhile, there was simultaneous ordering, photographing and uploading new products to the website, and negotiations with fab arty-crafty tutors (and scheduling/uploading exciting new classes to the website). There are more workshops to come, including garment fitting with the marvellous Sooz.

I was also working on a printable form of the worshop schedule. Again.... not completely finished, but a good way to being done. Check out the new classes online here.

And there was a late-night rendezvous with my new love, the knitting machine.

I made a really long wrap-around-and-tie, Tess of the D'Urbevilles-inspired garment. My first ever non-neck-scarf knitty Thing For Me. I've worn it constantly since (and have learned a valuable lesson about pennanular cloak pins and delicate knitwear...).

And this morning I started knitting the food-coloured-machine-knitted wool yarn into something for a very small girl... while I wrote this blog post.

SO.... how was YOUR week??


Don't forget to pop your Red Cross receipt below for a chance to win the new pattern!!!


sooz said...

Can we have a bit of Tess inspired modelling? I like the look of that thing - nice texture and weight. What's the yarn?? And that black purse fills me with envy. Lovely (though a challenge to fit the knitting in I suspect).

Tas said...

I'd like a photo too. Love to see mummy knits. That purse is so elegant. Beautiful!

Tania said...

And, um...what's new? Is this not a near perfect sample of a 'Day in the Life Of...'?? (Just remember that breathing thing, Chook). x

Tanya said...

Good on you Nikki.
Receipt Number : 1100562
I blogged about your giveaway too.
Geez, you are rather busy aren't you. I am hoping I might pop in to AQC, in Melbs for a wedding that weekend.

Fer said...

My week? Can barely remember, I know it involved a lot of nappy changing, baby spew and lots of walks in the pram..... although now I think about it, I did manage to pick up the knitting needles a couple of times. :-)

This raffle idea is great, and I'd love the chance to win one of your delectable bags!

Receipt Number : 1101406