Sunday, January 2, 2011

Super Duper Holiday Workshop Special

In following other people's advice and scheduling classes during school holidays, I've found myself with classes that haven't booked out-with-a-waiting-list, as they usually do. I'd like to have a few more bottoms-on-seats to make it worth my effort to come back early from my own holidays.

To fill the gaps, I'm offering a 25% discount to anyone who books into the Beginners Classes in January*. You just need to use the code JANCLASS when you book in. You won't receive and invoice or have to pay until we're back in the office on Jan 10th, but book in as soon as you can! Places are limited to 6 participants per class.

*Please note: a few other classes and patterns seem to come up on this link. Ignore anything that isn't a Beginners class in January!!

The classes can be attended individually or as an intensive course. They are suitable for beginners of all ages (12 and upwards), and could be a good way to entertain the teenagers hanging about the house before school goes back, or to kick-start a New Years resolution to learn something new.

You can bring your own machine or use one of mine. (You might even get to play with the fancy-schmantzy machine!!!)

Get in while you can....and I'll look forward to teaching you how to use a machine, read patterns and set you on a path to sewing with a professional finish.
Testimonials from previous class participants HERE.....


Sally said...

It's moments like these when I wish I lived in Melbourne.

Fiona said...

Ditto!! But I can't really justify the flight from Canada for a sewing class ... unfortunately!

thea said...

damn and blast! I'm in sydney!!!!!



Anonymous said...

And I'm in Perth! Do an Australian tour!