Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Slow daze....

I'm trying not to think too much about going back to work next week (although I've been in the office several days in a row lately, unpacking the unpacked and sorting the un-sorted... not working and - strangely - not sewing).

These are the last days of hanging around in pajamas half the day.... (and yes, contemplating a tad more eye-surgery for Quackie).

..of sitting under the enormous lemon tree....
...of marvelling at spiders' webs and ripening apples...
Just hanging out at home, mostly. Settling in to the new house.

Soaking up the last pre-school days with my baby.


(... and doing laundry and vacuuming).

I even went for a swim sans-kid.

We also adopted Cranberry. He's soot-black and full of kitteny wonder and energy. A delight.
He spent the first day hiding from an exuberant, excited 5-year-old. After a calm night in the company of relaxed adults, Cranberry found his confidence and has learned to tolerate the 5-year-old. The jury is still out on whether he actually enjoys the company of the patting-machine (5-year-old).

I've also been on holiday from my hair. The idea has been swimming about in my head since I heard this radio programme a year or so ago. Inspired by Leonie, I thought I'd sieze the holiday time to discover what lies beneath 20-odd years of hair colour.

It's a bit scary.

I'm not completely sure about showing my authentic self to the world just yet. I'll finish reading this book and see if it can convince me not to tear a path to the nearest hairdresser before work on Monday. This may or may not be a space to watch.... (it may be the last I mention of it...).

We're hoping to organise some sort of family outing over the next few days, a few catch-ups with family and friends.... But things are happening slowly here.

We're just soaking it in.


sooz said...

I vote for grey! I love the way it looks, and while colour is fun, you can always do it again over the grey if you get bored. The cat's pretty darn cute too.

Annie said...

Enjoy your last little time - I am embracing the grey. What the heck - if we all do it, it won't be weird.

Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

I've asked my hairdresser a few times about how I might transition from black to "natural" or grey. I know I am white under this back, I dye it every 4 weeks or so. But I am not ready to go grey just yet ...

Lexie said...

Hi Nikki, love reading your blog and glad you are enjoying your holidays. Thanks for the great bag stuff you sell... I made a nice bag with bits I bought and I love it! Cheers! Lexie

Kelly said...

Sounds like you have been having a wonderful break! Enjoy the time with your daughter!

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

GASP!!! stop dying my hair???

I only just discovered greys last year but my natural colour is so flat. I have a while ot go before I am evolved enough to show my authentic self!

Good luck!

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Aaah the greys.... Been disguising mine since I was 25 (which was many many years ago.... damn the genetics).
Decided to embrace them last year. Went cold turkey but only lasted 4 weeks (oooh there's LOTs of the little blighters!).
Now they're being embraced gradually and are blended with some other colours (which also might be my hairdresser's way of ensuring that I still spend ridiculous amounts of money with her on a regular basis..........)
Good luck with yours!!
(So nice to hear of the many others who are doing the same!!)

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Sounds like you are making the most of your down time. Glad to hear it. I'm back to the working world today, but feeling fine for it.

I've got no wisdom to offer on the going grey business, but I reckon your authentic self shows through pretty damn well, regardless of what colour your hair is.

tikki said...

What a lovely break it sounds like you're having!
Ahh, the return to work, even when it's something you love, is always interesting. I'm torn between enjoying the freedom and idleness and the excitement and prospect of new ventures.

A Peppermint Penguin said...

aw, cute kitty! He must be very patient, but then he'll know who to get treats out of too ;-)

No-one in my family has ever dyed their hair. So grey seems obvious to me, but it does depend on your skintone and whether you feel well in it.

Going grey on top of dark brown here!

Enjoy the rest of your daze ;-)


Leanne said...

Enjoy your break I am sure Cranberry love the patting machine. I stopped colouring my hair when my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. I decided one less chemical in my body can not be bad. I am really grey now.

Mrs B said...

I stopped dyeing my hair last year and decided to embrace the greys (I'm 33). I actually quite like them now (and I have a massive skunk streak at the front).

You could try henna if you want a transition. I did a couple of times then couldnt be bothered anymore.

Like Leanne, I just wanted one less chemical in my life after my mother was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. Her docs said years of dyeing her hair a dark brown may have contributed.

Handmade said...

Cute kitty cat! There seems to be a lot of grey talk around - I just don't know how it could be done without several years for the regrowth to not be obvious - but I'm guessing that book tells you how! Nice lemons too!

Julie said...

I plan on having my hair coloured until the day I die, there are some lovely looking naturally grey women out there, but I wont be one of them! Good luck with whatever you decide.

Jackie said...

HI! I colored my hair for several years and then one day, I just decided I was tired of having to color it and the colors were always a bit different, so, I just let it go. I had been a grandmother for a couple of years (think I was 52 or 53 and slowly the gray/white/silver came through. I love it and wouldn't even consider going back.
Plus I am always told, gosh you look so young. So at 64 I am happy with my "authentic self"!! Will have to find that book.
Enjoyinging silver in San Antonio.