Sunday, January 16, 2011

Small things

It's been a weekend for enjoying the little things, like taking pleasure in the texture of knitted pure wool, the sense of achievement in finishing something, and the adorable cuteness of baby clothes.

After the initial panic (when baby-size slippers emerged from the washing machine) and the ensuing stretching-the-bejeezus-out-of-dense-felt, there's a huge sense of satisfaction hovering about our house over a certain felting project.... They fit!

Our recent weirdy tropical weather may not agree with delicate little flowers like me, but the garden is looking AMAZING! Lots of baby vegetables and luscious foliage.
Spanakopita, anyone....?
The figgy forest at the bottom of the garden is promising great things (if the bats and birds don't get the fruit first).

And there are lots of little moments to enjoy... a happy, healthy child on a swing
...under a heavily-laden, super-shady apple tree shortie-pajamas and shiny silver shoes midday.
We have many reasons to be grateful. While I feel lucky to have the time to smile at the small, everyday things, my thoughts are with the people who have been affected by the floods in QLD and WA, and with those anticipating impending floods in our own state. I wish I could send at least a little bit of ordinary to them, and wish them lots of safe and dry.


Unknown said...

What a lovely post , thankyou !

bec said...

Wow, she must love that backyard! With a swing! Any fairies?

A Peppermint Penguin said...

wot you said.

Fer said...

Every garden needs a big shady tree.... with a swing.... and who cares if you're still in jarmies!

Kathy P said...

Love the knitted baby stuff! I just bought the sweater pattern on Ravelry and can't wait to try it. Is there a link to the hat pattern as well? It's so cute!