Monday, January 17, 2011

A Laptop Bag for a $5 donation to flood relief, anyone...?

I'm a bit short on time at the moment, so instead of making something specific for the Queensland Flood Appeal auctions, I've decided to add one of my original samples of the Laptop Bag to the prize pool.

It has a pleated gadget-pocket and a compartment pocket.... ..and another pocket on the front. It holds a 15" laptop computer (although I never quite got around to making a sleeve to match the bag) or it could be used as an everyday satchel to carry books and files to work or school. It could also be a nappy bag.
This bag is a smidge smaller than the size the final pattern makes, but it's possibly my favourite of all the samples that I've made. I love the fabric prints (an old range by Timeless Treasures, called Lindsey).

I'm blatantly stealing Jodie's idea of a raffle, because I think that most of us could afford to donate $5, and it makes it possible for more people to donate and take part. For every $5 donation you make to the appeal, you get a chance to be in the draw.

I feel that the postage cost to ship this baby overseas would be better spent on rebuilding flood-ravaged communities, but I'll pay postage within Australia (and you're welcome to pay the difference to your country if you're overseas and really want the bag....).

All you need to do is make a donation to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal and leave a comment here with your receipt number . If you don't have a Blogger account or if you don't have your email address enabled on your Blogger profile, please leave it on your comment or email me directly on I can't contact you (should you win) otherwise.
EDITED TO ADD: Slight change of rules.... I'm going to include donations to THE RED CROSS, who have started a fund to assist people affected by the Victorian floods. Leave your receipt number here if you've made a donation.....

If you want an entry for every $5 you've donated, I'm afraid you'll have to have a separate receipt number for every $5, otherwise you can enter once (one receipt number) for any donation over $5.

I'll do a random number draw next (changed to...) WEDNESDAY night. Please don't leave a comment unless it's with a receipt number, as that mucks up the whole random number thingamie.

There are a few other raffles (like this, this and this and this and this...) amongst the auctions, so even if you don't have a large amount to donate, you can make a contribution and still be in with a chance to win a giveaway! Watch Toni's blog for updates....

For those of you in North and Western Victoria... I have everything crossed for you that those floods are not endangering you, your family or your property. My heart goes out to those who haven't been so lucky.


Sara said...

I'm loving brown right now.

My receipt number is 3202506.


Mel said...

I love this bag. My Receipt # is 3096399. Good luck Queensland.

Mary said...

Beautiful bag, receipt no. 3202966. Thanks Nikki

Havlu Dantel Modelleri said...
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Bronwyn said...

Thanks Nikki - great raffle prize!!
Receipt Number : 1043281 - Red Cross

Mon @ bpab said...
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Jodie said...

Hi Nikki, red cross this time (great idea)
# 1043297


Liesl said...

I have my fingers crossed - its a beauty!

Red Cross #1043344

RG said...

Thankyou for doing this Nikki..
A very good idea.

I chose the raffle option too.. $5 is affordable for us all.

Donation to Red Cross for Vic.
REc #1043376

Thanks again,

Tanya said...

Premiers Flood relief, I didnt' see your change of rules in time. I like your change in rules. We have no way near the devastation but still lots of people affected and who will need a helping hand to re-establish
I will have to donate to Red Cross as well to secure myself another chance, Shucks!

Tam said...


Fer said...

You're right, I think Jodie's idea is much better than an auction. So here's my receipt number - 3206949

Kirrily Morse said...

Thanks for the change in rules - I have a few friends directly impacted by the Victorian floods.
Red Cross Receipt number: 1043569
Cheers, Kirrily
PS Will email contact details as I can't work out how to leave an email address...

Karen said...

Oops I already donated to Premier's fund - receipt 3209200
Lovely bag, as always, Nikki

Catherine said...

thank you - my receipt number's 1043867 (red cross)

Tanya said...

okay, red cross this time. Reciept number 1043903...and my fingers are crossed. I 'so' LOVE this bag!

Little Cooties said...

it's a gorgeous bag! fingers crossed!
receipt number: 3209698

Katherine said...

Thanks for your generous offerring, Nikki. Receipt No. 3210250

Appreciate the update to be able to donate to other affected areas.

Nikki said...

Copied from an email...

I have donated $10 to Red Cross for Vic Flood Appeal Rec No 1044397


Anonymous said...

great idea Nicole. great Bag too!

Tax Receipt No: 3152966--------------------------------------------------Premier's Disaster Relief AppealABN 69 689 161 916 PO Box 15185 CITY EAST QLD 4002--------------------------------------------------
cheers, Kate

Tanya said...

Okay, I got stuck on that great big list so just thought I would come back to you...again!
Red Cross- 1044823
My sewing basket is made out of that fabric!
I read somewhere that the auctions are up to about $45,000. Amazing effort.

Scircus said...

Hi Nikki
Always love your stuff - great cause. My receipt no is 3215560

Anonymous said...

Internet banking receipt number 374248

vcollins at hotmail

Jacquie said...

love the material combination.

Receipt no. 2794876

Marg said...

Love the bag, thank you for your generosity.
My receipt number is 3220416

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Such a lovely bag and very generous of you. I donated $30 and my receipt number is 3105690.

amummy said...

I have donated to the Red Cross for Victorians my receipt number is 1045656


eriven said...

A chance at one of your bags made by you? I'm in! Qld receipt# 3220965.

Judy said...

Gorgeous bag generous maker.
Rec No 3207221

shazaam said...

wow i'm glad i found this one - gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

This is lovely!
Such a good idea supporting Australians in heartache.

my rec is 1046565
my email is

thanks Amelia

Nikki said...

Hi Nicole,
I love your bag, colours, design, everything - fingers crossed!
Hope the sun is shining in your part of the country.
My reciept number is 3016332 (was made on the telethon night)
All the best with Nicky

Nikki said...

This is lovely!
Such a good idea supporting Australians in heartache.

my rec is 1046565
my email is

thanks Amelia

Jacinta said...

Count me in Nikki
Receipt number 3227211

Jacinta said...

Just because I love it sooooo much, I thought I'd come back for a second chance.
Cheers Nikki.
Receipt No.

Rachael said...

I love the bag. I donated through Myer, my receipt number is: 231103830
rachael dot bahl at gmail dot com

petiteleit said...

Thanks for the great offering, Nikki. My receipt number is 1046890.

Nikki said...

Hope you wont miss your gorgeous bag Nikki. Great of you to give it away. Receipt # 1047032.

Nikki said...

National Bank Receipt No. 12392622 (This is a request/receipt No. for $100 to be forwarded to the Premiers Flood Appeal from my account)


Peta said...

What a beautiful bag and generous donation..thanks. Receipt no. 3231407

Susan Leach said...

This bag will be great for my daughter who has just started her first teaching job.
Receipt 3231470

The Hungry Crafter said...

I love this bag! Thanks for supporting a great cause!
receipt 3232579

mac said...

Love the bag.
My receipt is #3232141.

Erin said...

Beautiful bag... thanks so much!
Erin #3215263

Tanya said...

another go for me!
Receipt Number : 1047817
Donation Amount $ 5.00 AUD
Red Cross Victorian Floods Appeal 2011

BevB said...

Thanks, I love the bag and would love to win it.

Janice said...

What a great prize. My receipt number is 3233993

Clarissa said...

What an awesome ruffle!!!
Such a devastating event is leading to a variety of great initiatives!
My receipt # is 3234163

KerrieB said...

Your bag is beautiful.
receipt No. 3234717 for Premiers flood relief appeal