Friday, July 23, 2010

The week that was.... the week from hell. (Oh, and a spot of Flickr Friday)

Actually, the week has left me quite exhausted. I'm not sure if I can face re-capping the whole ordeal....

Here are some pretty pictures from the Review Round-Up Flickr page instead.

This 75mm Purse Frame Purse is from the Accidental Crafter. See the review HERE.

And these are from Purses by KP. Lovely Baguettes... reviewed here.

And something that made me laugh this week.... if you haven't seen Gypsy's post about my berets, have a peek over here....
PS. If you have the time to do a review of one of my patterns, you have ONE WEEK left before voting begins for the Review Round-up competition!!!! See here for details.


Allison said...

Oh dear.

I hope you're ok. And that the weekend allows you to regroup and refresh.

Big deep breaths and lots of chocolate, that's my prescription.


CurlyPops said...

I do hope that you get a little time to relax on the weekend. I'm sitting on the couch and I just so happen to be wearing my beret!

Fiona said...

Oh dear - hope things look up soon.

I had a bad week last week, but this one has gone so much better. Just finished my first Mod Bag and absolutely love it ... wish it were mine, but it has to be posted off this weekend. Just gives me an excuse to make another one for me!

A Peppermint Penguin said...

Have the right sort of weekend to compensate - please!! I'm paying off the stress pixies to leave you in peace for a bit ;-)


Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed perusing your website and looking at all your designs. So I wanted to send this versatile blogger award to you. You can see my post here:

Andi said...

I hope next week proves smoother!!
It was lovely to see you yesterday (if briefly). Hope you had a good day at the show.
Andi x

Fer said...

Those bags look great!

Here's hoping next week will be bright and cheerful. :)

sooz said...

Sorry to hear of your crap week, hope whatever it was is over and done with it. If it's any consolation, that post of gypsy's has tipped me over the edge and I'm going straight over to buy the beret pattern. I held out this long, but I can hold out no more. MUST HAVE!

Aussie Jo said...

Just to let you know: the kelani booth which was stocking your patterns was the busiest shop I went into at the Craft and quilt fair on Sunday, I couldn't get near the counter so just took a card to purchase on-line

sarah london said...

Fingers crossed Nikki for a better week this week!!
Onwards and upwards!!

Ooty said...

Take care of yourself!!!