Monday, June 14, 2010

Dortje Weekend

While I'm in book limbo, I thought I'd bite the bullet and trace off the pattern for the Dortje pants in this book. Tracing patterns is something I'll happily put off for years, but the wee girl is growing like a weed and I need a quick whip-em-up pants pattern with a bit of style (or the poor thing will forever be dressed in New Look 6719).
I made this pair and thought them a size too big. I traced off the SMALLER size and made them up.

Too small.

Washed this pair and they were just right. (Sometimes cheap Spotlight corduroy shrinkage is a blessing).

They passed the run-around-the-yard-like-a crazed-hippy-child test, anyway. (She's determined not to cut that hair!)

So we made another pair.... in the larger size. In orange corduroy. I felt that if one is to make orange corduroy flares, one should add a little garish something-or-other in the knee area.

The wee girl - bless her - busied herself in the studio and made a pattern "for
Tania... because she made our frog pattern" (I daren't tell the wee one that the frog pattern wasn't just for us!).

We thought we ought to test it out...

Tania - your GIRAFFE wheat bag pattern is in the post ....;)

Today there was a lot of solo design work by the girl and then serious art direction when it came to the sewing bit.
There was a specific plan for construction in mind and she guided me through it like a professional.

I had to offer a few suggestions - like stiff vilene interfacing for the skeleton instead of stuffing (I was OVER bagging out skinny little drawings on calico that had been cut out without seam allowance) but I was very proud of her thought processes as she worked through the idea. Her slightly sideways way of looking at things amuses me.

So.... all that and a camper-trailer..... and ummmmmm... was there a bag I was supposed to be working on?


bec said...

Welcome to the Dortje pants family. And what gorgeous hair! (I understand your dilemma, though).

rachelmp said...

Wow, you both have been so busy! Love the giraffe and all the hair. I find it so hard to get Maya's cut but she always wants to go to the hairdressers with the boys.

CurlyPops said...

That wee girl is a crafting machine! So much creativity... that giraffe wheat bag pattern would be a hit.

Unknown said...

I would love a giraffe wheat bag like that!

Sew-4-Fun said...

Nice! I had an Insa weekend sewing the skirt from the same book. :)

Tania said...

Please inform Wee Girl in Funky Dortjes that I am chuffed to the very roots of my curly (but inferior length) hair! Giraffe wheat bag pattern will be put to the test at earliest convenience. There's a kid around here (again, with inferior hair length issues) in desperate need of warm wheatiness.

Karin van D. said...

The trousers look great on her. And I love that hair, those curls, I always wanted curls like that, gorgeous!

A Peppermint Penguin said...

Next generation designer well on the way I'd say!

I had hair like that when I was wee! It was super curly, then grew straight, so I had curls at the bottom like that - although mine weren't such a pretty colour. I had it cut when I turned 5 and started school. I cried.

But I did so hate getting it washed, all those snarls, so it was better shorter.

Cool breeks.


PS if that is a "little" mending job, I really would shudder to think what a big one would look like. I admire your fortitude and nice you could make your dad happy with it.

snuzal said...

Oh, I think that's so gorgeous! It rocks to see a little girl interested in sewing - long may it continue! In years to come when she's a famous designer, we can all think back and remember her little creations ;) lol

Andi said...

Like mother like daughter.
What a gorgeous giraffe design!!!!

Gay McDonell said...

Great pants, great giraffe, great creativity and WOW - lovely long hair!

Tanya said...

That sounds like some very 'good mummy' time. Can you pass some of that patience over here please?
Great pants, both pairs. Great giraffe.

our shabby cottage said...

Don't you dare cut that hair! It is too gorgeous for words! I love her little Giraffe wheatbag pattern too.

Fer said...

Forget the bag, this looks like much more fun! The giraffe is brilliant.

The pants are perfect and honestly, how could cut that hair!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, she's a darling... and you are a wonderful mother to spend time creating with your baby as you do.

I had myself a grand chuckle at
"or the poor thing will forever be dressed in New Look 6719". And that hair!!! WOW, so long (contrasting nicely with my own daughter's hacked tresses).

Katherine said...

Your wee girl is quite the l'il firecracker and she does seem to be stretching up awfully quickly. Good luck keeping up that. ;o) Love seeing the crafty makings you team up for. So cool, Nikki. The giraffe is really cute.

Unknown said...

Love the pants especially the orange ones !

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

She is super talented, your wee one. She'll have her own business up and running soon.

I love the giraffe.

Love the hair too. If I was her I wouldn't cut it either.

Claire Gale said...

thanks so much for the book reccomendation, it's exactlty what i've been looking for. maggie is really just too big now for all her clothes to be made out of pillow cases! time for proper patterns! hope you're feeling better soon. watch that cold, it takes hold bad:( well done you for tackling that canvas, we took ours into an upholsterer this morning. wow you should see those guys machines!