Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All Kinds of Everything

I'm still scratching around several projects here. Some of them are completed or nearing completion. Yay.... or should I say "PHEW!"?

You may have noticed on my video tutorial, that I finally finished this Day Bag. It was sitting on my sewing machine for two weeks before I finally got the straps on. It was one of those dribs-and-drabs projects that hung around for too long to excite me enough to finish it. But I did it anyway.

Now I quite like it - I only wish that RED was an easier colour to photograph. And I wish we had more sunshine this week because all my photos look dull.

Another thing that I finished last week was overhauling the Day Bag instructions. I often re-work instructions as I discover better ways to do things, and a few things were bugging me about the layout of these notes. Now there are more photos and diagrams, clearer instructions and a better ordering of the steps to making the Day bag - all in booklet form.

Still photographing bits for the new website.... and chasing suppliers around. We've been having problems getting some of our flat o-rings lately. These rings (above) are the temporary substitute for our 38mm rings. They're like our shiny shiny square-edge 25mm rings, only bigger (40mm). Still shiny, shiny... and rather lovely.
Same price and code as the 38mm rings for now.
2-pack - $4.95 - CODE: OFLAT38/2
4-pack - $8.65 - CODE: OFLAT38/4
10-pack - $20.80 - CODE: OFLAT38/10

And the Barrel Purses are breeding... They're popping up around the blogosphere too, as super sewing gals are testing the pattern for me. Ann Marie, Cam and Kathryn have all made them. Super-trouper Lara is lined up to go through the final print with a fine-tooth comb.

This pattern should be hitting the shelves by the time we get to Sydney, and I'll be making a lovely display of them, for sure. If you're coming to the show, come and say hello.... or just come and fondle these cute little purses. There may also be a few other surprise patterns there... shhhh.


Liam's Mummy said...

I wish I was going to Sydney to see the "secretive" patterns. I like the barrel purses. Very cute!

Tania said...

Stop tempting me with those gorgeous purses that I can't buy yet!

Karin said...

Oh, those purses. They are really, really cute! Now I want to move to Sydney. Is it too late to immigrate? ;-)

Tiff said...

Wow you have been busy! I love those barrel purses. so cute!

Anne-maree said...

Are you not doing Melbourne's craft show??? Please say you are.
Love al your work. You make such amazing bags and purses.

Katarina said...

I just love that bag and the purses are just adorable - great colours on all of it.

Greetings from Sweden

Raggy said...

These purses are delightful, very clever.
Sandie at Rag Rescue

sukes7 said...

I love your day bag, so colourful and beautifully made. I am a bag maker obsessive lol so I know how much hard work goes into such a fab project. The purses are superb I have got to give these a go luv sue x

Jenny said...

I like your "all kinds of everything" you have been very busy and make such gorgeous things with the most lovely fabrics