Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Supplies updates... and a materials list for the Laptop Bag

A few not-quite-on-the website items of note...
We finally found a new buckle for the MOD bag (since the one on the cover was discontinued by our suppliers the same week we released the pattern!!!). A super-shiny circular one - very MOD - with an inside measurement of 45mm. The little prong in the centre can be removed and it'll also work as a slide adjuster for an adjustable shoulder strap. CODE: BUCK01 $4.50 each.

We also now have large purse feet - which are great for the Beach Bag, the Laptop Bag and other largish bag bottoms!

We have them in Silver and Gold and the codes and price are as follows -
Pack of 6 - CODE: FEETFLG6 $4.90
Pack of 10- CODE: FEETFLG10 $7.40
Pack of 20 - CODE: FEETFLG20 $13.00
Pack of 50 - CODE: FEETFLG50 $29.65

We also have the small (flat) purse feet in ANTIQUE - same price as the other CODE: FEETFL on the website.

I've included Velcro on my new Laptop Bag (scroll down for the pattern giveaway) so thought I should supply the stuff! We have 25mm in black for $2.75 per metre. CODE: VEL25

Since we're now taking pre-orders for the Laptop bag (CODE: BO825 $21.95) we thought it best to throw together a quick materials list... Instead of sending out a zillion email replies as to what's needed, we're going to post it here until the website is updated.

If you'd like to place an order you can email your list (including the codes,your address and preferred payment method) to Leah, and she'll sort it all out for you (she's great like that!).


  • 95cm-155cm Medium-Heavy Interfacing - CODE:IFMEDH $10.50 per metre
    If you’re interfacing the lining (needed for the expandable pocket) you’ll need 150cm. If not, 1 metre will be plenty.
  • 110cm Medium Fusible Wadding - CODE: WADD640 $11.50 per metre
  • 7.5cm Vilene S520 CODE: IFS520 $23 per metre. The mimimum cut of Vilene S520 is 10cm but 15cm will allow you to cut four bases.
  • 7.5 x 37cm Template Plastic (you'll need to buy a whole sheet, which is 46.5 x 30.25 - so you'll get 4 bases out of it) CODE:TEMPL - $2.75 per sheet
  • See the interfacings page for details of all the above materials.

    • 2m x 50mm Polypropylene Webbing - CODE: WEBB50 - $1.60 per metre
    • 1 x 50mm Plastic Tri-glide - CODE: PLTRI50/4 $2.75
    • 1 x 50mm Looploc ring - CODE: PLOOP50/4 $2.15
      The plastic tri-glides and looplocs are available in packs of 4 pieces. These can be substituted for the 50mm Square Flat Tri-Glide and the 50mm Flat Oblong Ring in silver – minimum pack size is 2 pieces – if preferred.
    • 120cm Velcro (see above)
    • 6 x large purse feet (see above)
    • If you are using purse feet, you may also like to order a 4mm Saddler’s punch. CODE:SADP4 $5 each. BTW - These are about to go up in price by 25% (thanks to an increase on our suppliers part..!) so now is a good time to buy!

      If you don't have an 18mm bias tape maker - CODE: BIAS18 $11.20 - you might find it a wise investment once you've learned how to make flaps like the one on the Laptop Bag. (Beware - it's a bit addictive and you'll be wanting to bind everything...!).

      You can't iron over webbing or velcro, so a Rajah Pressing Cloth - CODE: RAJAH $7 -is another good thing to use while you're making this bag.

      Optional: you may like to also use 35cm of clear PVC – this is available at Spotlight and Lincraft stores among others…

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