Thursday, February 26, 2009

And the winner is......

(No - actually... she didn't win at all. I'm just a tad overwhelmed by the HUGE response to the cover pic question!). Thank you all for your input and compliments. It really is very much appreciated.

I ended up doing a list of the bags and put little strokes beside for each vote (and a sidebar series of little strokes for second choice votes).
It boiled down to a three-way split between the orange, mauve and Ikea bags.

  • The orange was - as I thought - a love it or hate it one. No in-betweenies on that one.
  • The mauve was out in front on FIRST votes and had quite a few second choice votes.
  • The Ikea one had a more second choice votes than any, and quite a few first choice votes.
So.... I'm printing BOTH the mauve and the Ikea ones!! (In fact, I printed them this evening!).

Imagine a fold-line down the middle - so the big picture and title is on the front cover and the smaller pics and details are the back cover. For those of you who have bought my patterns before, I'm sure you'll recognise the formula.

The patterns will be ready tomorrow!!! YIPPEEEE!!! (You have NO IDEA how happy I am to see this project finished!!!)

SO ...who won the freebie pattern?

Bernadette... you were the lucky 172nd post!! You seem to have a knack of winning here. (We don't mind, because we like you - and you always leave lovely comments!!!).

The funny thing was, that after I'd spent forever deciding and making the covers I remembered that I'd used the mauve fabric (which, by the way is from the Loft 1800 range by Moda) on this purse pattern cover.... and today I was wearing a dress made from the co-ordinating print from the same range (also used on the Teardrop purse cover!!).
Should I have bothered with a vote at all....?


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Nikki, you DID take notice of your readers! What a huge number of comments too. Congratulations on making it through the list.

Leonie said...

covers look great. they were all to fab not to include on the pack.

Bernadette said...

Dear Nikki I am amazed! I never win these giveaways but I have won two from you, how very exciting. Thank you so much, I have been feeling a bit sad lately, I was in Gippsland last week to help the people affected by the bushfires and I felt quite sad to have to leave them so I am sure this will help to cheer me up. Thank you once again for your generous (and lovely) giveaway.


one little acorn said...

Ohhh... Is that MY name jacinta the next comment. Or maybe it's another Jacinta! Oh well - either way I wasn't lucky this time.
Hope to catch up with you at the Stitches and craft show. I know you will be busy, but I will try to say hello at least.

Nikki said...

It was another Jacinta.... and I'll look forward to catching up with you at the show!