Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More last-minute Christmas presents

A document wallet... looking nothing like it was originally planned to be. But it's ok.
It's a variation on the theme of my Laptop computer sleeve tutorial (on Whip Up and Living Creatively). It's made in soft black leather with heavily interfaced brushed cotton drill lining. I fused light fusible wadding (fleece) to the back of the leather.There's a divider (stiffened with Fast2Fuse) and a compartment pocket on the back of the lining. It has hidden magnets in it (which rule out storing digital data in the folder. Oops).

The edges are bound in leather and there is a wide elastic loop to stop important documents flying out across a crowded street on a windy day. (You have to be prepared for things like that).

It was meant to be flatter and bigger but the materials worked against me and the design had to be adapted accordingly. Now I've used up all my leather and time it'll have to do!

It's a pity that it's a gift for a very non-girly man, because I can see it working in a pretty floral quilting fabric. When I get the chance I'll try it and write up a quick how-to. I learned lots of lessons on this one.

It'll be wrapped and placed beneath the tree in a re-usable "Merry Christmas" calico bag and tied with a recycled red ribbon. This is how I intend to wrap as many presents as I can this year. (BTW Aussie readers - This fabric is super-cheap at Spotlight at the moment). I hate the waste of wrapping at this time of year.

When I get the chance (sometime before next xmas??) I'll have to do a post with all the wonderful Christmas tutorials that people have shared on the GIVEAWAY post. Thanks for sharing them, folks!

Since the Carry All pattern is now UP ON THE WEBSITE (although as yet not printed!!) I'll draw the giveaway tomorrow night. If you don't win the pattern you can pre-order it if you want it for the holidays.


denise said...

I would love to win this pattern. I live in China and have finally found a warehouse area with purse supplies! Too bad it is too close to Christmas for this year, but there are always birthday presents that need to be done!

Leah said...

Im a bag Ho, ho,ho (sorry bad joke!) but really I am a bag hore!
Love the detail on your Carry All!
Please put me into the draw!
Cheers Leah