Monday, December 15, 2008

Just in time for holidays....

My poor pattern testers. I've foisted the Carry-All pattern on them to finish before Christmas PLEEEEASE.... we're cutting it a bit fine and I'm stretching friendships (and one poor new tester didn't know what she was getting herself into!!).

Our studio and office will be CLOSED from the 23rd Dec to the 12th Jan. I need to recharge. Seriously. Desperately. I don't want unfinished work keeping me awake at night while I'm supposed to be recouperating after a fairly stressful year. I need this pattern FINISHED!!

Problem: The pattern will be finished just in time for us to close for three weeks!

Solution: Pre-order the pattern by the end of this week and we'll send it out on Monday 22nd Dec. If you're in Australia we're offering FREE postage. If you're an international customer we'll throw in a freebie bit of bag hardware to the value of Aussie postage (instead of the free shipping offer).
EDITED TO ADD: The pattern is $21.95 (AUD), and is for advanced sewing skills. It includes lots of fine finishing techniques to improve your bag-making skills - like a workshop in a packet!

Why am I so intent on finishing this pattern? See this lovely grey brushed cotton version of the
carry-all...? I made this for Terrific Tracy (super-duper hardware-counting-and-packing-and-helping-set-up-launches gal) LAST CHRISTMAS!!! She's already used it every day since and it now looks a bit old and faded. The pattern has been in development since about August last year!
I have a load of other half-started patterns and even more IDEAS..... and we want to get as many done as possible before March 2009.


Heather said...

Hi Nikki,
I would love to pre-order this pattern. I was unable to find it on your website ( still being developed, I know) but if you could keep one aside and even post in the New year is no problem.
Heather Tucker ( I will supply address separately)

Nikki said...

For all enquiries email Leah at . It's now on the home page of the website.

Anonymous said...

Okay Nikki! The plan is to cut out tonight, sew up the outer tomorrow night, and the lining on Thursday while Stella has her nap - so hopefully it will all be done by Thursday night! I know it's cutting it fine...

Jodie said...

March 2009 = scary !!!!

mayaluna said...

I can't wait for you to have your much deserved break! I'm sure your counting the minutes... I'm sending you a hug until then:) You never cease to amaze me!