Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Last days for Zipper Pulls

Zipper pulls are great. They make it easy to open or close a zipper. The come in cute shapes, are easy to attach and add a really nice finishing touch to a bag - all for $1.45 (Aussie dollars, which add up to PEANUTS in most other currencies!!).

And our supplier has DISCONTINUED them!!! I'm a bit annoyed about it.

We've taken all they have left in stock of the heart, flower and teardrop zipper pulls - about 20 or 30 of each. Once they're gone, that's it. No more. It's a case of first in, best dressed. There will be a few of the oval and oblong plastic zipper pulls (pictured above) for a bit longer, and then they'll be all gone, too.

They've also discontinued the lovely silver buckle we used for the Mod bag (cover picture!), and have no more. I'm trying to source something similar from elsewhere. Very annoyed about that one.

On a brighter note.... the winners of the door prizes from my launch should find their prizes in their mailboxes today!! Thanks to all the fabulous sponsors and to those of you who participated in the draw.


Trish said...

Oh I feel your pain. I hate it when that sort of stuff happens. on the bright side you can say that product range is now 'limited edition'

Sophie said...

Oh no!! I've just discovered these and now they're gone - how thoughtless of them ;) Fingers crossed that you find another supplier that has something equally as wonderful!