Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A reasonably productive day!

Firstly, a BIG THANK YOU to all who have welcomed me so warmly to blog-land!! I feel like I'm among old friends, since I've been lurking around and putting in my two-bob's worth all over the place for ages. Special thanks to Cathy and Lara for the lovely plugs on their blogs, and for the comments from people I've never "met" before. What a great introduction to a whole new world. I feel all overwhelmed with warmth and fuzziness.... and kind-of inspired to put in another bag shot from my studio (since the others went down so well).

Today (AMAZINGLY) my two and a half year old "assistant" was happily amusing herself most of the day, and my sister was there to help out (ie. take her for a LONG WALK!!). PERFECT opportunity to work on instruction-writing, I thought. I'm under strict instructions from SUPER SARAH and LOVELY LEAH to have the pattern for the curved frame purse done as soon as possible. Apparently they need it urgently.

It would have been QUITE a productive day (as opposed to "reasonably") had I not been let down by an important member of my product development team - the battery on my camera went flat, and of course I'd left the charger at home. (I know, I know... I should have bought a spare battery when I got the camera... blah blah....).

SO - I sewed and I WROTE - and now I'm going to have to sew and TAKE PHOTOS all over again tomorrow. At least the bulk of the writing was done, and that cute little purse is a lot closer to being finished than it was yesterday!! Since I don't have a picture of the one I made TODAY I'll have to put in another shot of the one you've seen before.I was also REALLY sorry that my camera was out of action this afternoon, when I discovered one of the activities that had so-engaged my little helper. While Leah and I were busy discussing the new purse, my little Rose-petal was busy colouring her face, hands and feet (including the soles and toenails) with a blue marker pen! She looked like something out of Braveheart!


leah said...

Lol, oh my! The face was a funny enough sight - and to think I missed all the rest when I had to suddenly leave... Perhaps I can get Rose-petal to show me how she did it another day ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, how classic! If only you'd had your camera working - I want to see a photo of your blue Rosie! That little purse is absolutely precious, by the way! Any more testers needed ;-)

Cathy said...

See - you can have a blog and write instructions!!

I would have loved to have seen your little one - but hey, who cares, you got some important work done! You can always wash her face!

one little acorn said...

Welcome to blogging! OK - I'm a week or so late, but I'm glad you have set up a blog and I can reply to your comments at last.

I posted about your class some time ago and will have to do another so I can link to you. Great blog by the way... love the pics and links.

62cherry said...

looove the purse
can i prebook for a class!!
justine x

fiona said...

'reasonably' productive, what a day! I have some assistants like yours too!welcome to blog land!

Dawn said...

I'm so pleased you have a blog, I'm a fan waiting for a parcel from your store. I hope it arrives soon I've bought fabric for the project 7 times now. My husband will not let me book flights from the UK so I can attend a workshop, he doesn't understand. This is the next best thing. hugs Dawn

laura said...

Welcome to blogland! I'm thrilled to add you to my blog roll. Oh my, it seems like yesterday that I had a 2 1/2 year old 'assistant'! That would be my baby (#3) who's almost 20 now. How well I remember when my older 2 were in school and I had a day off from work, she would say, "Isn't it nice with just the two of us, and not THEM?" This last part said with great disdain! Time flies!! Enjoy your little assistant.