Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bag Ladies who Brunch

We launched the new BEACH bag pattern on the 25th May, and had a little shindig to bring together bag-making gals from all over - to "gas bag" and network, to eat scrummy food and to catch up on all that is new at Nicole Mallalieu Design. We also took the opportunity to run an awareness and fundraising campaign for OvCa - the Australian Ovarian Cancer Network. We raised just under $200 in three hours, and I hope we raised a lot of awareness about Ovarian Cancer.

It's taken a while to blog this because I didn't have time to take photos on the day, and had to wait until I caught up with SUPER SARAH to get the images she captured.... HERE THEY ARE!

We were lucky enough to have Living Creatively there - lending their support and giving everyone fantastic goodie bags filled with Fiskars and Birch products, and we had gorgeous door prizes from Mix Tape Zine, Meet Me at Mikes, Kimono House, The Cat's Meow, Living Creatively and Spencer & Rutherford.
All in all, a good day!

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Cathy said...

Thanks for a great brunch. It was lovely to see you and how you work and of course all your wonderful patterns. It was great catching up with the Living Creatively team as well and of course meeting the lovely Sarah.