Monday, June 2, 2008

At last...the long-awaited Blog!!

Here at last, we see the beginnings of the blog I've put off writing for far too long.

I KNOW it should have happened long ago, but considering how addicted I am to following OTHER people's blogs, fiddling around with my website and checking my emails every five minutes, I feared I'd spend too much computer time on a blog and not enough time writing pattern instructions. Well... blogs are a lot more fun than pattern instructions!

The truth is that it's the perfect format to keep you updated on what's going on, what I'm working on and the fabulous links and crafty happenings that I find while I'm not writing pattern instructions. I'm hoping that comments from you will keep me on my toes and keep me focused on getting those patterns finished and out to you as soon as humanly possible (for a full-time toddler-wrangling pattern designer). And I LOVE to hear feedback! It's all rather win-win, I think.

SO... I'm off to organise my Flickr account, and generally do some getting-ready-to-blog sorting. Talk soon!!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nikki - you've finally gone and done it! And I get to be first to comment (and I think first to subscribe with bloglines). I warn you - blogging can be addictive!

craftygirlwithruffle said...

Hi Nikki
This looks great! I will put you on my favourites. I like your Flickr Badge. It looks amazing with all your different bags.

Cathy said...

Well done, Nikki. I was so hoping you would start blogging. Now I don't have to wonder what you are up to - you will tell us all. You go straight to my favourites!!! You can blog and still write patterns!!!! You will have more fun this way!

Louise said...

Oh yay!! Another fave blog to read. We had a great time the other day and now we can see what you are up to more regularly! Congratulations Nikki a most welcome addition to the blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what's a head with patterns and blog post Nikki. Well done (as you can see I haven't jumped in yet - but admire and lurk at everyone who has)


Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki, nice to see you in blogland :)

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Oh yah! You're blogging! That's very cool.

Amy Nieto said...

Blogs ARE addictive little bastards, aren't they! Right now, I should be doing some grocery shopping so I can get working on MY stuff on this one precious day off from work. *sigh* the crafter's plight.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. ^_^