Friday, July 25, 2008

Back on the Air!

Oh, those lovely folks, the web hosties... whipped me back onto the WWW, and it's as if I'd never been gone!!

Now I can access it, I'll be tweaking the website to put up some exciting new products (and whittling down the amount of downloads available from the site... sorry). I'll get started just as soon as I finish this post ...and the hot Irish whiskey I'm drinking. (I have a cold and it's the cure. Really. Go to Ireland and ask anyone what you should take for a cold!).

Watch this blog as more HOT TIPS FOR BAG-MAKING tutorials are transferred over here!!!

Not a lot of crafting done today. Not a lot of work done either. I was sick, and feeling very sorry for myself. My back still hurts and I have a rotten cold AND.... my poor wee girl had her first accident involving BLOOD (lots of it). She'll probably have a triangular corner-of-a-sewing-table sized scar on her forehead for life. Apart from that, she's ok. I'm still a little traumatised. She'd never seen blood before, and I'm not sure if I've ever seen QUITE SO MUCH blood before - especially coming out of MY BABY!!!

We were in a wholesale sewing supplies showroom, and luckily we were BOTH looked after by a team of experienced mothers who knew how to calm, apply pressure to wounds and make cups of tea for crying, shaking mothers of injured children. All's well that ends with a banana smoothie at Northland (shopping centre).... we survived.

By the time we got to the studio today it was afternoon, and all I wanted to do was curl up in a corner somewhere and sleep. Instead I did a bit of prep for my purse frame class tomorrow and a little bit of sewing. Thanks goodness Leah is still fighting fit, and kept the wheels of industry turning for us today.

Nothing to show for the sewing I did today, so instead I'll show you ANOTHER Day Bag - finished in dribs and drabs over the last month or so... 'tis the way it goes.

More "happy" floral print... with silver grommet detail (done during a Sharper Edge Class when I was looking for something to demonstrate grommet-setting....!!). There's medium-heavy interfacing and medium wadding in the bag to give it stand-up structure, and the internal base stiffening is Fast2Fuse. The O-rings are Medium-Light.And OF COURSE I put a ZIPPER PULL on it!!!


méri said...

Oh poor little girl!!! Glad to know everything is well.
We have Portwine also very good for cold :))
Lovely bag, as always!

LizzieJane said...

My goodness what a day you both had. My mother always had a red washcloth at home, so if any of us fell over and got hurt it wasn't so scary as seeing blood on a white wash cloth.
Hope you soon will be feeling better. Wonderful bag by the way!
Have a lovely weekend!

Cathy said...

I really feel for you Nikki , it's horrible when there is blood, and especially if you weren't too well yourself.

Glad to hear everything is okay now - you sound like you need a bit of rest (that was said in my 'mummy' voice!)

Love the bag and I am especially loving those zipper pulls!