Thursday, July 24, 2008

Zipper Pull Tutorial

Now, did I mention something about being excited by zipper pulls...?

If anyone tries to look at them on my website tonight, they'll see a BIG FAT ZERO.... quite literally. My web hosts have pulled me off the air (again) for blowing out my bandwith allowance (the amount of viewing/downloads people can do). Seems that my tips and tutorials are SOOOOO popular that even doubling my allowance (and therefore cost!!) isn't helping to keep bandwidth under control.

Hmmm... seems like a few tutorials have to go, and it looks like the blog will have to be "home of the tutorial" from now on.

Here's the first one -

How to Attach A Zipper Pull.

1. Take a bag with a normal zip.

2. Use the cutting blades on pliers to cut off the top of the existing zipper pull. Gently ease out the remaining piece that's caught under the loop in the zipper head.

3. Take the new zipper pull and SQUEEZE the hook side of the loop (as hard as you can with your thumb) until it unhooks.

4. Open up the loop and hook it through the zipper head. (Perhaps you might consider a having a manicure first if you plan to photograph yourself doing this...).

6. Snap the hook closed again, and marvel at the miraculous transformation of your bag.

Re: the website being off the air - I've sent the hosties a big "HEEEELP!" email, so it will hopefully be sorted by the morning.


CurlyPops said...

What a great tutorial!
I might have to buy myself some zipper pulls once you're back on the air...they would look really pretty on my purse!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Love the zipper pulls and the tutorial. Bah humbug to your webhosts - what rotters taking your site down. Can you move your tutorials to somewhere like Scribd instead, then just provide links from your site? That way they take the hit for the download instead of you.

laura said...

As a user of your tutorials (thank you for posting them) I think moving them to your blog would work out just fine.

méri said...

Oh! Even yesterday I saw all your website perfectly!
And the zipper pulls are great, all of them!
but before i can buy them i have to learn (what a shame...) to sew zippers - but i am decided to lost, better to gain, an afternoon and try - it's a shame not to know!

Jodie said...

Great idea to pop your tutes over here if it helps with the bandwith problems.
Great photos!

Handmaiden said...

Yes, well u can blame me for using yr tutorials.....I upscaled yr makeup bag and put in the template base and it worked a treat....will put it on the blog this week

Anonymous said...

Nice zipper pulls Nikki! You know they'll be going on every bag I make from now on (well, the ones with zips).

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Love them! Actually, I have a favourite cardi that needs one (the original zipper pull came off). I'll be putting a few of those in my next order. Probably should play with the previous too orders first though ;)

vickilw said...

Oh thank you soo much for these instructions...I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to open the cute zipper pull I purchased for my project :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooooooooooooo much!! I was wondering how the hell you open that thing!

Brenda said...

After searching online for 90 minutes this is the first site I have found to answer this seemingly easy question - don't know why the manufacturers of these pulls can't just print these instructions for us neophytes!!Thank you!!!

Lois said...

I totally agree with Brenda.

Lalita Devi said...

Thank you! I had purchased the same type of replacement zipper pull. It doesn't come with instructions. I pushed and pulled. Thanks for the 'squeeze'.