Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Winter Hat Sewing Workshop

A quick heads-up that there'll be another #chemostyle workshop at GJ's Discount Fabrics on 27th April. You can book in here (it's free, but I need to know numbers).

If you would like to make hats for yourself or for someone you love, or if you'd like to contribute to the pool of hats for donation to cancer centres or people having treatment that causes hair loss, please come along. Details of what to bring etc are on the booking page.

We need some heavier knit fabrics for this, so if you have any offcuts of fleece, loop-back, ponte etc, please bring them along or drop them into GJ's beforehand and let me know.

Real life is a bit crazy here at the moment and I still haven't developed the patterns into anything digitally downloadable. Please be patient (don't email me for updates) - I absolutely do plan to do this, but I'm afraid that it will be over a longer timeframe than I'd prefer.  The workshops are a way of testing designs, patterns and workshop/distribution methods, and a way getting hats made for at least some of the people who need them.

If you know of a cancer centre in Australia that is in need of hats, please let me know.

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