Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Everyday Pants Pattern is here!

It's taken a while (life threw a few curve-balls my way), but the formerly "nearly-a-pattern" is now an ACTUAL pattern. A finished one. Wow. 

In line with my whole "teach a person to fish" philosophy, I wanted to make a pants pattern that is a base for teaching sewing techniques with a focus on tips for a better finish, which is infinitely variable with design details and fabric choice.  

These easy-fitting pants have a fly front, hip pockets and an optional jet pocket on the back. 

I've made them in crinkly, crumply fine linen (which was possibly not the best choice for my original cover shot...).

I've made them in drapy tencel, various wool blends and brushed cotton, and I've made them in heavier (still crumply) linen. They work for all seasons and everyday occasions. 

And of course, I tweaked the design and made lots of other versions. I used them for the base pants in my book The Savvy Seamstress. In the book, I show you how to change or remove the pockets and how to change the fly front for a discreet invisible zipper on the side or back, and even how to remove the waistband and replace it with a facing.  

The patterns are divided into two sizing groups - Sizes 6-14 and Sizes 12-20. The pattern is available in paper and pdf versions.

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A Peppermint Penguin said...

don't know what you mean, they aren't "pants!" at all ;P

bonny pair o' breeks, so they are.

("that's pants!" = that's rubbish)