Monday, November 27, 2017

The Savvy Seamstress - It's a real book!

This box of books arrived a couple of weeks ago. A slight glitch behind the scenes means that it's taken this long to post about it here. But here is The Savvy Seamstress.

As I've mentioned before, the concept behind the book is that once you have a pattern for a garment, you can keep changing design features on it to make it into many different garments.

For example, a casual short sleeved shirt (or pyjama top) can become a classic long-sleeved shirt with cuffs, collar stand and button placket. These are teeny little boy's shirts, but the same could be done for mens' or womens' garments.

It's the way I make most of the clothes that get made around here - for myself and for my girl - and the same processes can be used for tweaking designs from basic blocks/slopers.

I've already used my book a few times to help explain things to my Fashion students... which is how I originally came up with the idea of writing it.

All the processes are broken down into baby-steps, with cheat's methods for getting a better finish. It's not about couture - more of a blend of industrial fashion production sewing and handmade techniques, which is how I sew when I'm sewing for myself.

I've included simple processes to get beginners started - pockets and closures - but I've included a few more advanced methods, like draping new necklines and making classic shirt collars.There are lots of diagrams and photos to help you through...

It's a strange thing to write a book... to work so closely on a document that you can no longer actually 'see' it. Trying to turn off my critical eye is a tricky thing. But I'm the author and that's what authors do. You are the audience, and I hope that you like it and find it useful. 

Go forth and tweak those patterns. Make beautiful garments!

BTW - my critical eye spotted a little mistake (which makes me feel a bit sick...).
Page 45, Step 1: inside brackets should read "or fuse a strip of interfacing" instead of "sew stay tape". Not a big one, but still... that critical eye. I'm sorry that this slipped through the multiple edits and checks that were made in the making of this book. We did our very best.


Vireya said...

I hope the book shoots to the top of the bestseller lists!

Ruth said...

I received my book last week, and spent quite a lot of time perusing it over the weekend. It is brilliant, and I would recommend it anyone who sews, experienced or beginner. I have been sewing clothes and lots of other things for over 60 years, and I have already highlited numerous tips and hints, wishing I had thought of or been told of them years ago!
Many thanks, Nikki, the wait for this book has been well worth while!

A Peppermint Penguin said...

well done!


MyLittleBlueDog said...

Congratulations. I bet this book is as great as your others. Thanks very much for the sneak preview. And... just in time for Christmas.

KathyB said...

Congrats on your new book Nikki, very well done.

Francesca said...

hello! I hunted for you online to give you a heads up about your listing on amazon. Whoever posted it must have been asleep, because when you click on the "Look inside", you get to see a book - about quilting! I left a comment on the UK site, but thought I would tell you so you could contact them. And I am glad to see a great preview here, which means I am now off to buy it:).