Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Teaching and Writing and Living and Dying

Yes - I'm still here...occasionally peeping out from behind the curtain of real life and the Facebook and Instagram rabbit hole. This year, I've been pretty well occupied and away from this slower, more considered form of communication.

When I received notification of my Weekender Bag project being a Top 10 hit over at Creativebug, it occurred to me that I hadn't actually mentioned that class in this space before.

It appears that since I was burgled recently, the new owners of my old computer now have all the images I had of this bag, so here's a screen capture of me in action... talking to a finished bag.

I use my original version of the bag for hauling student folios to and from my regular teaching job.

I do a lot of hauling of folios, and marking of folios, these days... and a lot of kid-free Friday nights look like this.

One looked like this... :(

I've also been teaching a Garment Construction class regularly at Kellie Wulfsohn's fabulous fabric shop Cutting Cloth in Fairfiled (Melbourne).

The classes are on the 3rd Sunday of every month and you can come and go month by month, doing pretty much as you please (although I start you off on an A-Line Skirt if you're a newbie) with lots of help and tips and tricks from me.

The rest of my time this year has been all about juggling the joys and sorrows (and Mum's taxi service) of family life, wholesale biz and working on a new book. Much of the last few months has looked like this...

And the crazy-wild-kid-free Friday night version looks a bit like this...

As I near the completion of the book project, there's a sort of freeing-up of mental bandwidth, and ideas are flowing again. I'm tying up loose ends, ticking off long-overdue to-do lists... and thinking about the way ahead from here.

I have plans... Stay tuned. 


JoMc said...

I cant wait for your plans...they are ALWAYS exciting. ( it's called living your life through others)

seabreezequilts said...

Good to see you are still in the land of the living and enjoying a busy life.

Pauline said...

Nice to catch up on what you're doing! See ya when we come to Melbourne for AQM!!! :D

MyLittleBlueDog said...

So nice to see you back in blogland. You sound busy! I have to say I cannot recommend highly enough your classes. I first bought a kiss purse pattern and kit a few months ago and was so surprised at all the clever tips, I have sewn a lot over the last 40 years... the classes on Creative Bug are fantastic. Lots of guidance which you may think is too much, however so many really clever and obvious tips of how to do things faster neater and fool proof. i should have thought of these short cuts myself but never did. I am a convert, please find time to do more class on Creative Bug. Too bad I rarely get to Melbourne :-(

A Peppermint Penguin said...

you live the life of at least 4 people. having cut back from the previous 12 people.

dreadfully sorry about the burglars, may they get hairy boils.

the only real disadvantage of a big bag like that is that once full you need a forklift to carry it!

Gosh that class and space looks good, lucky people. And I spy some nelliepants by our Jod!

thank you for the update!

Annie said...

Big Hug going out to you from me - I miss you. You are an amazing chick whom I love. If you need a go slow day, I have school holidays coming up - you could bring your knitting machine and we could make socks together. LOVE the look of that big bag too.