Wednesday, June 3, 2015

San Fantastic

In case you missed the bombardment of imagery I posted on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and had no idea where I was for two fabulous weeks recently, I'm sharing a little bit of my time in San Francisco here.
I was over there to film classes with Creativebug.   I had a fantastic time.
My classes are all focused on bag-making, and the first one begins this month.  You can see the promo (and a little bit of me) here....

I loved working with this gorgeous (if a little sleepy before morning coffee) crew. 

And Charlie kept us all company in the studio.  He's the perfect crafty dog on a bed of pretty fabric scraps, and possibly the most cuddled and kissed member of the crew.

The city itself is a place I loved and I definitely want to return to see more of it. 

I only had a weekend to really see it, but it was great to be able to do that with my US-residing sister and local San Francisco-living nephew.
Precious time with family is always a good thing, and is even better when it's in relaxed holiday mode. 
And yeah... school night dinners are always like this for me... (not).

 I thought about how nice it was to only have ONE THING to do at any time - whether it was working on the online classes or enjoying a walk or a meal.  The madness of the everyday juggling act was on hold for two weeks.  It was the best holiday I've had in ages. 
The only real disappointment was that the day that my sister and I went to visit Britex Fabrics, it was closed.

I had my own apartment for the time I was there, and it was amazing how much it instantly felt like home.

...and how quickly it came to look like home, too.
And then there were things that made me conscious of being very, very far from home.  I loved the quirkiness of American food weirdness (but I didn't buy the bacon chocolate).

I'll be back with more news about the classes, as they're released.  In the meantime, you can find me (more frequently) on all the other social media platforms mentioned above.


Jan said...

Hi Nikki, I was thrilled to bits to see you before your big adventure and have enjoyed what I've seen of it so far. Now I'm looking forward to seeing your star turn on Creative Bug, my famous friend! All the best from chilly Ballarat. xx

A Peppermint Penguin said...

International star - well you already were one!

I look forward to the classes. Never been able to find anything on Creativebug I wanted to watch before. Not much for subscriptions - cos I don't get round to watching and then end up paying for stuff I don't use!

But I'll make sure I get your classes.

bout time you had some quality relaxing!

Gerrie Louden said...

I just now finished watching your Creativebug hobo bag class. Wonderful-- I saved it to my library (rarely do that). Then I looked on Amazon for books you've written, which then had an "author's page", which brought me to this blog. I was really amazed at how recently (as your blog indicates) this class was filmed and posted. You explained things very clearly and the filming showed what you were talking about. Best explanation of a zipper pocket I've ever seen, as well as the slider hardware installation.

I'm thinking of making the bag out of corduroy, something between fine and wide-wale. Then again I might use all your "inside" and strap techniques for a top-zippered tote, first.

You mentioned that you will be having more classes on Creativebug. i hope so! Your book mentions a bag with a zippered divider inside -- that would be a great thing to learn!

So glad you got a vacation and family visit out of the deal!


Gerrie Louden said...

Just a small add-on comment because I forgot to click notify me when a follow up comment happens. Now I'm going to explore your website, etc!

Nikki said...

Thanks for positive feedback, Gerrie. To often, people only speak up when they have something to complain about! Your comment made my day - THANK YOU! There will be more classes on CreativeBug - we filmed four projects and a 3-part work-along. They'll be released over the coming months. Stay tuned to this blog or my other social media platforms for updates.

Wishing you many happy hours of (constantly improving) bag-making.

~ Kim ~ said...

I went to San Francisco in August for three days. It was so lovely but I wished I had more time. I enjoyed the food and it reminded me much of Sydney City. I didn't know Britex was there? I loved the Cheesecake Factory. Love your pics of the apartment. You had time to sew??