Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year, New Class Schedule

Well, it appears that 2015 has begun!  Wholesale orders are being processed and classes are being scheduled.  If you've been thinking of doing a purse or garment sewing class, we have a few dates already in the calendar -
Kimono House (Melb city) - Framed Purses 7th Feb 2015
CAE (Melb city) - Fabulous Framed Purses 28th Feb 2015
Kimono House (Melb city) - A-Line Skirt 7th March 2015
CAE (Melb city) - Creating Pattern Free Garments 28th March 2015
This bag (above) was made in the class at Cotton Factory in Ballarat, by a lovely gal who was only just learning to use her first sewing machine. 
If you listen to my girleen (overheard telling a friend on a sewing-playdate), you'll know,
"You should really listen to my Mum.  She knows a thing or two about sewing!"
(And I know I Facebooked and Instagrammed "She knows a lot about sewing" but the girleen corrected me - it was, in fact, "a thing or two".)
This is spoken by a girl who REFUSES any help with her own sewing, but she obviously absorbs her environment without any help.  When I picked her up from her father's house recently, she'd been designing costumes on the computer... including all the pattern pieces for each design.

 Keep an eye out for more classes as they are confirmed - here on Facebook and Twitter and on the YOU SEW GIRL website.
 And Happy New Year!


Katy Cameron said...

Well a thing or two is better than nothing I suppose ;o)

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki - apologies if this posts twice, it seems to have eaten my comment! I'd love a class where we bring the latest book and you take us through the modifications. And I'd love a bags with lots of zips class too please. All in SYDNEY !!
Thanks and happy and prosperous new year to you