Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Seasonally Adjusted

To everything (turn, turn, turn...) there is a season.... keeps going through my head.  Yes, the times, they are a-changin'...for many of the people that I know, and also for me. 
(And I was obviously exposed to too much music from the 1960's at some point in my life).
My friend Bella is moving out of her beautiful bush retreat.
I spent a final farewell weekend with her there, packing boxes and listening to birdsong and the breeze....
We remembered many good times spent here with very dear friends, and soaked up all we could of the place.  We will carry it with us.
We sipped champagne and looked out at the trees.... and then we packed more boxes. The season has passed and it's time to move on, so we do what we have to do and look forward to what is next.
 In the last few months, a few doors have closed here.  There will be more to come.

 Still, there are new doors sitting ajar.... new paths to explore...

For now, I am working at living in the present.... taking it all as it comes... letting life surprise me and accepting the direction that things take. 
I am soaking up my girl and making good memories. I am teaching workshops, teaching my fashion students and keeping You Sew Girl products going out to lovely stockists.  I am swimming and have started going to yoga classes again.
 Life is finding its own sort of balance around that framework.

There has been a slow return of the sewjo that disappeared earlier this year...
A "birthday present" shirt for a bestest buddy, that was promised over a year ago, was finally sewn. (There had been another birthday between ...and no shirt... it was getting embarrassing.) 
The pattern for this shirt is the Negroni by Collette patterns, and it's a winner.   This fabric is a charcoal coloured chambray, and the shirt has darkest green buttons (just for fun). The bestie approves.
I have been a bit in love with my new overlocker (serger), which hadn't seen much action since I bought it in June.  It has been humming away lately.  It's easier to thread and is generally a lot less trouble than my industrial overlocker, and it does a ROLLED HEM with the flick of a switch.... I get a bit excited about that.

A book idea is swimming around and I am thinking of pattern-writing again too.  Ideas are beginning to come back. I am not pushing it... just waiting for the mojo to be back in full swing, as it will be.
...And a time to every purpose... (Oh, there's that song again...)


thornberry said...

Lovely blog post Nikki. You seem as though you are really settling into yourself and where you are at. Life keeps on throwing you curve balls but you are catching them and throwing them where they need to go. I could feel serenity and acceptance in your words.

Fer said...

It's good that you're able to accept changes and stay positive, thanks for reminding me.

Also thanks for the men's shirt pattern recommendation, I owe the Mr a shirt and the Vogue pattern I've used in the past was just terrible!

A Peppermint Penguin said...

the whole breathing thing seems to be working well. keep at it!

jodie said...

Nikki this is great to read, you sound so happy rather than rushed and stressed. I vote that you , me and the annie organise ourselves a little get together before the year is out!!!

Tracy VT said...

Lovely photos and read... my loss of sewjo has not been so eloquent, or accompanied by such loveliness. Good shirt!

Annie said...

I've thought about Yoga - I'm still somewhat catching my breath and getting used to life the way it is. Loved Jodie's suggestion - did you know mum is moving to the Rat!

Katy Cameron said...

Welcome back! To the blog and the sewjo :o)