Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Showroom Display Sample Sale!

To all those people who asked in shops or at craft shows, and were told, "The samples are not for sale"....
I take it all back.  I've hidden away all the samples that are not for sale (or left them hanging in the stairwell of the studio) so that ONLY samples that are for sale are on show in the showroom.  I won't have space for them all when I move from here and I need to cull.

There are hats and caps and berets for men, women, kids and babies.  

There are dresses and skirts for kids and women, and there are bags and purses of all descriptions. 

We're open Thurs (tomorrow) and Friday 10am-4pm
and Saturday (28th Sept) 10am-12pm. 
3/99 Helen St Northcote
Please don't all arrive at 10am, though... As anyone who has been here can tell you, we can only fit about half a dozen people in the showroom at a time, and you might find yourselves waiting on the stairwell or in the lane outside if too many try to get in at once. We'd like to stagger it, if possible.


A Peppermint Penguin said...


hope it goes well!

Naturals-inc Team said...

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Katy Cameron said...

I think people will be staggering out under the weight of their newly acquired goodies!

Jake said...

I hope there is some left to sell to those of us afar!

Fer said...

Wish I'd planned my visit for 3 months later! Oh well, I hope you have a great sale. xo

jodii said...

Wish I had of seen this before now

Lola Nova said...

Crikey! Again wishing I was closer so I could take some of those lovelies home! I'm sure they sold in a flash!

PS. Been meaning to tell you how much I love the new coat pattern!