Thursday, August 1, 2013

A great big lightning-tour catch-up... again

Well, it appears that having an iPad really does make it easy to snap photos, load them up to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and then completely forget about them... and the blog.  My apologies to the blog-reading purists who have been so very rudely overlooked.

Looking through the iPad pics, I realise that  there are too many that I took but didn't post.  I'll never catch up. 

So, here's a brief overview of the last few months....

There appear to have been many Purse Frame classes.  The photo above was taken two weeks ago,at Addicted To Fabric in Canberra, and the one below was a few weeks before that, in my studio. 

If you'd like to come to the very last Purse Frame Class in my studio, you'd better book in now.

Yes... I did just say that.  I've made the huge decision not to renew the lease on my business premises, and will be looking for a home that is more home and less work.  I'll be teaching classes in all the usual places and more, but not in my cosy, light-filled studio, with no more than 6 people and all the attention you could ask for...

Same goes for the current schedule of hat and bag-making classes.  Last chance to do the Helen St thing.

I've also been cooking up a new pattern design.  The first draft was tested in 1/2 scale... and it's half a kid-size 4.  It was unbelievably squeak-inducingly cute.

(The final - full-size - pattern is currently being tested by some trusty pattern-testers and should be ready to launch soon.)

In other random iPad photo news.... I was digging through an old box of photos at my parents' house, and found a photo of my Dad and Ms CurlyPops' uncle, in about 1950.  Small world, huh?
And the wee girl finally cracked the knitting thing.  You can pretty much see the row where she got the hang of even tension.  She's been knitting up a storm of... well... little knitted bits... ever since. 

And there was great geeky excitement in hip and happening Northcote last Saturday night! 

My sewing buddy brought around her super high-tech fashion industry pattern-drafting program to show me.  We drank a glass of wine or two and compared CAD functions (... and for $19,000-odd more than I spent on mine, you actually get a lot of really cool functions). 

Wild young things, we are.

...and apparently I bought books a month or two ago, and took photos of them.  There's a very good (and cheap) bookstore between home and the hairdressers... which makes for expensive haircuts....and the occasional iPad snap.

I'll be back at some point soon to show-and-tell the pattern-free garment class we had last weekend... but it needs a post all to itself.

Hope you have a fab weekend!


A Peppermint Penguin said...

All cakes considered indeed!

I hope the move is a good one for you.

breakfast jo said...

Sad l will never get to a class in Helen st but glad you will have a REAL home :0) hope the move goes smoothly for you xx

Tanya said...

When you are a slightly random blogger, it means that the 'purists' get a huge hit of your news all at once! More home less work- HOORAY. I think a home thats more home sounds lovely. I wish my girl was more into crafting... but she's hardly likely to learn knitting from me. Instead we are getting a lot of 'want to shoot hoops?"- she started netball this year. Hey, I thought of you and your interfacing last night as I was 'whipping up' a magicians hat- found a use for that crappy cardboardy stuff which I have wondered before today how it ended up in my stash.

Katy Cameron said...

Happy house hunting!

Anna said...

Lots happening. Was it a big decision to not renew the lease?

Fer said...

So glad I got to see the studio, even if it wasn't for a class! Good luck with your house hunting, I remember what your mentioned about the logistics involved and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! xo

Chiara Z said...

All the best with the house-hunting! And thanks again for your generous and exciting Pattern-free tops class at GJ's last weekend. I'll look forward to reading your wrap-up of it.