Thursday, June 13, 2013

Winter Warmers

It's winter ...and I'm loving the layering opportunities that winter provides.  Too much is never enough, I say.
Sock yarn from Spotlight for $4 a (big) ball inspired a bit of machine knittery.  
There was then a mad dash back to Spotlight when there wasn't enough yarn purchased to make the sleeves....
Enter black merino, also on sale for $4 a (small) ball. 
Those natty suits that the character Bel swanned about in in The Hour inspired a deconstructed version of the little belted cardi. 
...forgetting, of course, that I am not a statuesque, hourglass-figured beauty in impossibly high heels. 
 My belted cardi is better-suited to comfy-womfy studio wear than to glamourous swanning about.
In this yarn, I like the reverse side of the stockingette stitch better, so I seamed it from the knit side and it's now reversible... and very deconstructed. 
And it can be beltless.. pinless.... whatever it wants to be.

It's basically 4 rectangles with a little bit of simple shaping (casting off a stitch per row) on the shoulder seams of the front and back pieces.

The pattern was made up on the fly at the machine and (you'd think I'd learn) no notes were taken about stitch or row count, or tension... or anything.  The sleeves are a tad long, but add to the comfy-womfy factor.  The rest of the fit is fine. 

I'll never be able to repeat it.

Ho hum.

In other wintery news, I've spent the last week revamping my beret and kids beret patterns as downloadable pdfs. 

Each pattern has 3 head sizes, with 3 crown depths for each size.  That's actually 9 beret patterns per pattern. 

 You can see the original blog posts (with much younger me and much wee-er wee girl) here and here

Hope you're keeping cosy if you're in these wintery parts.... or enjoying summer elsewhere!


Kate said...

Great cardi, nice work!

A Peppermint Penguin said...

it does look comfy-womfy.

I'm too boring for deconstructed.

Oilcloth the first is finito! few tweaks needed and fewer mistakes for the next one please.

Breakfast Jo said...

Love the cardi ! We are into our 'winter' such as it is.....27C is the lowest day so far... mm 3/4 weather hehe. I do miss comfy winter knits,boots and scarves 'sigh' love reading your wintery news Nikki :-)

Katy Cameron said...

Loving the stripy cardi! As for too long sleeves, my mum has just made me a cardi out of cotton with the longest sleeves EVER! I think she must have been smoking something as she knitted them ;o)

thornberry said...

I have knitting machine envy! Love it!

Fer said...

Totally awesome!

I'm off now to see if You Tube can help me get a bit more acquainted with my machine! xo