Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Thick Of It

I still haven't tidied the studio. I sweep occasionally and load the dishwasher.
The rubbish bin is full of interfacing trimmings and Mini Magnum wrappers. 
And now, on top of the fabric, foamcore board and general clutter, there are samples, toiles and finished designs.  And there are more to come.  My head is full of them.
I've just passed the halfway mark in developing designs (and writing instructions, shooting how-to photos and drawing diagrams) for the new book. When I'm not feeling worn out and overwhelmed, I'm feeling inspired and capable and full of hope. 
This new book-writing biz has been a see-sawing, hot-cold, drought-flood sort of affair, so far, but all the time I've had to work through it. The deadline is pressing, and I still have to organise getting myself to Grampians Texture, various teaching gigs around the country and I have to get to Quilt Market in the USA.
And all the time, I'm loving beautiful fabrics by Saffron Craig, CurlyPops, Ink&Spindle and Kristen Doran.
I'm also in the throes of overhauling lots of pattern covers with new samples, in fresh new fabrics. These are all from Riley Blake "Flutter" and "Hello Sunshine" rangesDon't they just SING?

For the first time since the girleen was 2, I've had to delegate the sewing of samples. I've realised the limits of my time.... which is a shame, because I'd love to be playing with these.
And as any Australian parent-of-school-age-kids knows, it's the loooooooooong school holidays right now.

I've seen 3am more times lately than I dare to think about it.

Speaking of school holidays, there have been other bag designs emerging from studio You SEW Girl.
Of course, I opened it.
 (I helped to make it, so there were no surprises). The pocket was especially designed as a "book pocket".  That's my girl.

Busy times.

Throw in a few miniature and major dramas, a whole bag of grief, a bunch of uncertainty, a little bit of optimism, some good times with good friends, some disillusionment with others, some wonderful big blue Melbourne skies, a few marvellously meditative swims, the appreciation of good air-conditioning during a heatwave and the realisation that Mini Magnums really need to start getting bigger (or that I have to admit to some sort of addiction), and you pretty much have my "summer break".

We'll be back to normal business hours next week.  Hope to catch you somewhere in 2013. 



Breakfast Jo said...

LOVING THE FABRICS!! I can't wait to see your new designs for the book. I have been thinking about them a lot this week as I make up some of your other patterns.
Congrats to the Wee Girl too!! Thoughtful addition that pocket. Showing HeapS of potential there :O) xx

Carmel Morris said...

Lovely fabrics! I love the bag too, especially the pocket. That would have been really handy back when I was a young bookworm. I hope the last couple of weeks of school holidays goes smoothly for you (and for me, phew~!)

trash said...

Quilt Market, huh? Will yr ticket be round-the-world?? Just wondering.....

A Peppermint Penguin said...

did you have to make me want new fabric? did you?

Glad the book is powering on. boo to bad stuff and 3am.

I suppose frozen fruit sorbet wouldn't cut it.

Amanda said...

In the words of Dory "Just Keep Swimming Swimming Swimming".

We are all looking forward to the new book when it arrives.

Must say counting down the days to when they are back at school and a normal schedule resumes.

Katy Cameron said...

Biiiig seeeep breath. Aaaaaand go again!

Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to :o)

Fer said...

Despite all the ups and downs, it sounds like your optimism is still intact and that's the most important bit.

Loving those fabrics! But I've promised myself to whittle down the stash first..... ;)

Tas said...

As long as the good times (and the mini Magnums) outnumber the bad ones, you can keep your head above water.

(Here it is Wies bars...they make coffee ones and coconut rough ones and hazelnut ones now...)

Annie said...

Sounds all normal then at yours . . . As for the looong holidays, I'm soaking them in. All too soon they will be over! Love ya work!

Clair said...

I love that bag! I'm sure your daughter will remember that creation with pride for years to come :)
As for freezer treats, my fav at the mo' is frozen cider, yeah baby! So good, although the stick of the icy pole maker doesn't hold properly so I just spoon it out. Haven't tried it with wine yet....