Monday, October 29, 2012

Multi-faceted weekend

This past weekend was full of many things, including yarny faces... but more of that later.  Lets go chronologically.
 There was the big decision to crochet the last precious skein of the hand-painted linen yarn into something wearable for summer.  There was the use of a swift (and almost eight hours less untangling than last time) and the winding of a big, beautiful ball... which I think I'll just look at for a bit longer, before working with it.

The rest of Friday evening was spent unpicking dodgey seams, ripping out knitting and re-winding the blue dress into many small balls of yarn (from whence it came).  The dress was so very nearly right, but far from perfect.  I'm going to rework it, and hope that this time I get it closer to just right.

Saturday was hat-making day, which is always fun.  Thanks ladies for a lovely day. (And I hope that you three interstate gals made it back safe and sound.)
Saturday night was party night  - two birthday do's in two separate parts of town.  Lots of friends from different parts of life and lots of discovering the 3 degrees of separation that seem to divide all of us.
And despite getting home at a reasonable (read: embarrassingly early) hour, I still managed to have a fantastically long sleep in on Sunday.
Melbourne turned on one of those glorious spring days that it does so very well.  Blue, blue, blue sky..... perfect cycling weather. 
It was also perfect yarn-bombing weather.
The spirit of the crafting community, and the community of Brunswick shone as brightly as the beautiful yarny blooms.... It's a beautiful memorial for a beautiful young life cut tragically short.
 (Ahem... and yes, that would be the Irish tricolour that my girl  and I machine-knitted, up there with the flowers).

Then the afternon slid into a full appreciation of the world's most livable city and old, much-loved friends.  Walks in the sunshine and long, lingering, late lunchy sort of beer-garden behaviour...
 ..which crusied into an evening with different old and much-loved friends and another beer garden...
And in between all this, I kept coming back to the blue dress.... Mark II.
 New and improved, I hope.

I woke to a Monday morning of things going horribly pear-shaped and inconvenient and generally, pretty annoying.  I'm trying to think of all the lovely weekend memories to help me sail on through the week.


Carmel Morris said...

Pear-shaped? I don't like the sound of that. Great that you had what sounds like a fantastic weekend, I hope whatever is pear-shaped and inconvenient sorts itself out really quickly.

Luna Landing said...

Ugh, unpicking and re doing - my heart sinks...Been doing some of that lately myself.
The yarn bombing is stunning.

Fer said...

I hope you can keep those wonderful weekend vibes alive. Sounds like you need it! xoxo

Fer said...

I hope you can keep those wonderful weekend vibes alive. Sounds like you need it! xoxo

Breakfast Jo said...

Your weekend sounds totally devine! Makes me so home sick for Melbourne :O(
Pooh and Ratz to Monday....shoo shoo go away.....there, ALL gone :O)

Anna said...

Good one - I only read about the yarn bombing yesterday and popped up this morning to have a look. The trees look fabulous - a beautiful memorial. I still feel shaken every time I'm up that bit of Sydney Road and it's lovely to have something colourful and happy there. Hope the rest of your week un-pears soon.

A Peppermint Penguin said...

boo to bad monday!

I love that shot of the bike - great angles.

Even your relaxing is busy!!

Tania said...

Holy heck. That weekend was my Idea of Perfection. Monday just makes it glow more. (I've come over all Pollyanna with the weekend thing).

Joanne said...

What a great weekend! Great pics too; love the floral yarn bombing.