Friday, August 17, 2012

Another one enters the digital age.

Still steering the good ship You SEW Girl around to new waters, we're working away in the background, re-jigging patterns to be either new-format, newly-rebranded paper patterns or quick pdf downloadables.
Today, we finished the Party Purse as a digital download and popped it up on the website.  (Gosh, I made that sound a bit easy, didn't I?) 

There was a fair bit of reworking done on this one, with lots of fresh new colour photos and a whole new section on the pleated overlay version. 
 This one is designed to be a quick little whip-up number, when you suddenly realise that a little purse to match your outfit is in order.  It seems to work in just about anything, and you can juggle the interfacings to give you the structure you need.  

You only need basic sewing skills for this one, and it's quick to make.
It can be plain, gathered or pleated and can be made with silky bridal fabrics (as seen below) as easily as with reject lengths from the knitting machine (a seen directly above).

Many thanks to my US-living nephew, who happened to be online when I was printing the pattern to PDF.  I was able to get instant feedback on how it printed out on LETTER size.  We tested the A4 here and it was all set to go instantly.  I love technology (today). 



rachelmp said...

Love it Nikki. Such a pretty purse and on my to-do list too

A Peppermint Penguin said...

"juggle the interfacing" she says. Like that is so easy!

How do you fuse med/heavy to corduroy without squishing the nap in the press - hmm!?

I may have been fusing All The Things today. Linen with bits in smells like toast, when you heat it :D

Katy Cameron said...

It looks great in all it's variations, and gotta love instant feedback!

cheap business cards said...

I would like to learn how to make my own purse. I have a lot of designs on my mind but I don't know hot to start. Your purses looks gorgeous. I really want to have one so badly.

velosewer said...

Your new design is gorgeous. And thankfully nephews help out their aunties.

Elizabeth said...

I love this design. It's so modern and sleek. I think it's time to dust off my sewing machine. (Literally. I am a better seamstress than house cleaner.)