Monday, July 9, 2012

I do believe I was in Adelaide yesterday....

I was up at 4am yesterday and home at 9.30pm.  In between I taught a class at Hettie's Patch in Adelaide. Today,  it feels like a bit of a dream. 
 I'd never been to Adelaide before, and I'm still not sure I can actually say "I've been to Adelaide" (not that it's ever bothered me before...), but I can at least say with confidence, that I've been to Hettie's Patch in Hindmarsh and that it is a fabulous Aladdin's cave of all sorts of fabric wonders.

Yes.  Even cat fabric.  (And yes, some came home for the smallest fabric freak in the family). 
The combination of fabric evidence, Amanda's blog and these few photos on my camera tells me that I wasn't dreaming.  And I seem to remember having a lovely time and meeting lots of wonderful people, including the super-friendly and fun staff at Hettie's.
We also seem to have slightly less hardware stock here in Melbourne today, since the full range of rings and things is now available at Hettie's for all you South Australian bag-making gals.
And today, when I felt the absolute need for a midday power-nap and woke up at 4pm*, I realised that I was indeed feeling the effects of having had a big day out yesterday.

*And all I can say is that the (newly discovered) ABC iView app for iPod touch saved my school holiday bacon.  The novelty of watching all her favourite programmes as she pleased and on a small hand-held screen, while snuggled into bed with (sleeping) Mummy was a rare holiday treat for the small girl, and it meant that she didn't think to wake me.  I'm usually not a fan of electronic gizmos as school holiday entertainment, but today I loved having an electronic gizmo to hand over to a child.

But I'm still struggling to believe that, having flown interstate and back again - as I've been doing a bit lately - that I came back to Melbourne airport and didn't spend at least half and hour looking for my car in the long term carpark.  Surely that wasn't ME, getting in a car and driving straight home...?


A Peppermint Penguin said...

still breathing then. oh good.

more naps. I recommend more naps.

Tas said...

Hmph. You didn't come to visit. And I have a really good coffee machine too

Hopefully next time I am free and can attend your class :)

Sometime electronic gizmos can be a life saver.

Karen said...

You are quite the lady about town these days ( and I mean that in the totally non-controversial way!!).
Ahhh ABC for Kids - we do love you!

Katy Cameron said...

It's funny how long distance travel for a one off event leaves you totally unconvinced it happened! I was singing in the Albert Hall in London last night, and yet if I didn't have the CD and programme to prove it, I might not believe it either! At least I got the train home so I wasn't playing 'hunt the car' ;o) Looks like you all had a fun time anyway...