Friday, July 20, 2012

Another post where I attempt to recap the best part of a multi-faceted week (and update the workshop schedule) with a few words and pictures.

I believe I mentioned something about posting photos from the Trapese Line Top class at Kimono House.
It appears that nearly a week has passed since then and I'm still hearing the giggles and the ah-ha's and remembering the fun that it was.  I just didn't get around to posting the pictures here (sorry).

It's a very hands-on workshop, with lots of dressing up like monks for the first bit (until the garments start to take shape).
I brought in lots of cheap fabric to kill the fear of just jumping in to have a go.  Hack, slash, cut off the bits that don't look like a glamorous new top... that sort of thing.   Great fun....
 ...and then we moved on to the posh Japanese fabric (which I forgot to photograph).   Lovely day.  Thanks girls!

I'll be at Bargain Box Fabrics in Mornington next Thursday (26th July) with another pattern-free top class.  We won't have the posh Japanese fabric, but we'll have lots of fun.  I believe there is one spot vacant, and we may be able to stretch to three more.

Yesterday was my workshop with the International Federation for Home Economics Congress ... and loads of Saffron Craig  fabric.
We worked on the zipper pouch project from my book, and then made Pyramid Purses and box-style toiletry bags.
The class was held upstairs at GJ's in Brunswick, because there was no way we'd have all squeezed in to my little studio.  It was fantastc to have so much space and light and so many switched-on sewing gals from around the world.
Did you know that Saffron Craig is moving in a whole new direction now?  She has just done a range of organic cotton fabrics, and has illustrated an e-book for children.  Go Saffron! 

(And did you know that Saffron Craig was the year behind me in RMIT Fashion, many years ago?  We used to walk past each other in the halls and not know we'd cross paths again.  Funny ol' fella, life...).

If you like any of Saffron's previous ranges, you'd best get in quick while they last, wherever you see them.  They're a finite resource now.
Tomorrow, I have a Zippers For Bags workshop.  The waiting list for this one was just getting a bit silly, so we've swapped a Beginners Bag in a Day workshop date (Saturday 6th October) and are now calling it a Zippers For Bags day.  If you'd like to do this one on 6th October, then I'd suggest you hop in NOW and make your booking.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: There has been a swapping of attendance from the 25th August to the October date for the zipper class.  If you'd like to take up this place on the 25thAugust, you'll have to email or phone us to book (the PayPal button on the website is for the newest date only).

We've also had to make a date-change for the Choosing and Using Interfacings class in November, and there are still a couple of places left on that one.  It will now be Saturday 3rd November.   (Yes, I know, Melbourne Cup weekend and you might be going away... but better that than a weekend when I'll be the one who will be going away!)  You can book here.

The only other workshop places I have are three spots on the Customised Bag in a Day class on Saturday 20th October.  You can book here if you'd like to do that one (in time to make a bag for Spring Carnival?).

I can't possibly squeeze in another date before the end of the year.... and I think I'll need a good sit down by the time December comes around!  I'm a bit exhausted, just thinking about it.

Next year, I'm thinking of travelling a bit further afield, so I'm just putting the word out....
If anyone in the USA want me as a guest sewing teacher, let me know!  I'm hoping to be in the North West (although nothing is confirmed) around then, but depending on the gig, may be able to travel beyond or at another time of year.

Oh... and yes.... the multi-faceted week.  It was.  But the recap will have to wait for another day.  I think the workshop info is enough for now.  Clearly, economy of words and pictures is just not my thing.... (no wonder I #twitterfail).


Breakfast Jo said...

Busy gal! How exciting!!

anna said...

Wow, what a week. Teaching in the US would be quite a feather in your cap.

A Peppermint Penguin said...

USA? no. West of Scotland is where you want to be. if only, eh?

what a lot of sewing! Great stuff.

Katy Cameron said...

The top making class looks like loads of fun, and love all those Saffron Craig fabrics, what a great class!

As for the comment above, yes, come to the West of Scotland where you too can sit in a fleece indoors in mid summer and get soaked every time you step outside... *grump* lol

Annie said...

Love saffron Craig stuff..fancy passing in the really are very busy. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses from time to time. I have lots in my garden. Mum is hoping you'll come for another knitting day. She's here for 6 weeks. LOVE ya work girl!

Ang said...

I would squee with delight if you came a little south of Portland to Klamath Falls, which is kind of halfway between Portland and San Francisco...

Saffron Craig fabrics said...

So excited for you Nikki! Thanks so much for the mention.