Monday, July 30, 2012

A quick glance upwards

This week has seen me still walking across that bridge.... trying to get over what looks like an insummountable mountain of catch-up, keep-up and set-things-on-course. It occured to me to do a quick blog post NOW before the catch-up here becomes another mountain I'd rather not have in my path.

This week, I also had two classes out in the real world.  The A-line Skirt class at Kimono House was on Saturday, and was lots of fun.  I made the above skirt on Friday night from a $5 remnant and a small piece of some fabric I bought from Eureka Patchwork's "$15 per metre" room

I've been wearing the skirt ever since. 

I think it's love. (And yes - it matches my hair).

 On Thursday, it was loads of pattern-free fun at Bargain Box Fabrics in Mornington. It was fab to see the group's initial trepidation turn into inspiration over the course of the day, and to see so many variations on the theme of my Trapese-line top.  We were a group of women of all shapes, sizes and ages, and there were tops and dresses to suit everyone.  Great day.
 Today (Sunday) was a busy one.  It started with a trip to the characterful and quirky Thornbury Theatre, to the Suitcase Rummage.
Handmade and vintage goodies were spilling out of every sort of suitcase as locals shopped, talked, listened to live music.  It was a great atmosphere (and I managed to pick up some de-stashed crafty bargains).
My sister Leonie had her screenprinted  cushions, bags and fabric panels (of her original drawings) and a few Fabulous 50's Bibs....
 I loved this watermelon apron, too, by Anita at NeitZarr....
My little personal-shopper had a ball.  I gave her a budget of $15, which she took great pains to spend, without leaving a single cent.  I suspect that she pumped up the cute-factor to get a few bargain second-hand books and jewellery bits.  (I worded her up on bargaining down the handmade stuff before she had a chance to widen those baby blues at anyone).
 We then went into the Quilt and Craft Show for the last few hours of trading. 

Tired girl who thinks she's an expert shopper. 
Expensive parking and entry to the show for 2 hours of show. 
No time to look at anything before the girl spent her craft-show budget and wanted "another budget".  
Endless negotiations about the possibility of another budget.
Please... another budget...
But the other budget was just A PRACTISE budget....
And couldn't you you just buy THAT for me?
And now I've run out of budget, I want to go home....
And it's not fair that I'm not enjoying myself anymore..
So, if you'd just give me another budget....


(She didn't get another budget).

However....I did manage to get Terese Dair's book from her at the show.  SWOON.   (It's LOVE-ER-LY!).  I daresay, you'll be hearing more about that.... when I get off this vertigo-inducing bridge.


Katy Cameron said...

Fab skirt, and that top in the first pic is very cool.

Laughing at the whole practice budget though, must try that on the bank manager ;o)

rachelmp said...

So busy Nikki! I love that your expert shopper didn't manage the second budget.. and that she is a bargain shopper too.

**Anne** said...

I love your skirt, seriously cool as is your red top.
Practice, second and third budgets, sounds a bit like the government. He, he, your little girl is priceless.
Anne xx

Anonymous said...

Love the skirt. I can see why you are swooning over the book. Oh the art of negotiation. Hard for the little ones to understand that it isn't always about them. Anna

A Peppermint Penguin said...

I think our chancellor went to the same school ;-P

You don't just have the swanning and the attitude.

You have THE SWANNING and THE ATTITUDE. Too cool you are.

Jo said...

Love that version of the trapeze line top, and also yours in the first pic - beautiful! I'd love to do one of your classes one day, just need to organise a trip to Melbourne!

Anonymous said...

Great day at your A-line skirt course on Saturday last. I got home and learnt how to use the blind stitch (with special foot) on my machine and feel very proud of myself. Wore skirt to work on Tuesday and it felt great! Thanks for the inspiration!